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Cricket Corner – Belize Defence Force (BDF) Cricket Team is Belize National Cricked Champion

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 4, 2019– Hello, cricket players, fans and supporters! My pleasure continues in giving stats about the sport we so loved and enjoyed watching or playing.

I start by thanking the sports sponsor for this season – Bowen and Bowen company.

Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Sir Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks Cricket Competition continued over the weekend with a tie-breaker for first place in the finals – Wicked 11 vs BDF. Both of these teams have played their hearts out, wanting to win the right to boast of being the boss overall. At the end, we all knew only one will be boss. Until then, we, the fans just had to watch cricket being played at its best. At the end of the game, that took one whole day and some hours in the following day, Team BDF came out as the champion.

In any finals, after a well contested match, the loser will always be heartbroken. No one should ever, at any time or any way, make the losing team feel down. They should be congratulated for putting up an excellent fight. Without prejudice, I personally congratulate Wicked 11 boys for their professional participation throughout the season. And I wish them the best in their future endeavors.

As for BDF, after entering the competition last year and was defeated in the playoffs by Summer Fever, they did not give up, but strengthened much more this year, and also displayed very good principles and discipline. I congratulate them also.

It was such a beautiful day at Lords Bank on Saturday with a huge crowd of spectators that filled the grounds at Lords Bank.

Team BDF took to bat first, and the two first batsmen moved in for the kill. When the first batsman got out, the score stood at 51. Then as wickets fell, the score went up this way for each wicket down: 86, 105, 125, 138, 146, 149, 168, 198, and 229. Steven Flowers and Jarvis Wade scored 50 and 35, respectively. Winston Dawson of Wicked 11 took 4 wickets.

With that score, both teams, I believe, then thought they had the game.

After the usual lunch break, Wicked 11, in very high spirits, went to bat. The first batsman was out for 5. After that, things changed, as from the fall of the next wicket, it was 75, 78, 100, 131, 163, and 179. At 6:00 p.m. and darkness falling, stumps had to be drawn. With 4 wickets to fall and 51 needed to surpass the army’s score, everyone had to wait until the next day for completion of the game.

At 10:00 the following morning, the game resumed; and in a couple of hours it was over, with Wicked 11 scoring only 32 more runs, and not enough to master BDF’s score.

All three games played between these two teams were excellent in their performance; for this they are being congratulated. BDF will be crowned champ on Sunday, September 8. Trophies for all winners in their categories will be distributed in Lords Bank following the game for third place finish between Bandits and Berlan. So, come on over to Lords Bank and celebrate with the winners. The match starts at 10:00 a.m. sharp, so as to finish in time for the trophies ceremony.

There will also be two games playing at Landing on Saturday – Under 15 and Under 19.  Games start at 10:00 a.m. sharp.

Again, congratulations, Team BDF, as you take the 2019 championship win!

As I close, I take this opportunity to thank all the teams that participated in this year’s competition. You, in my view, are winners in your own rightful way. Better luck next year!

Respect to and for all. Bye bye!

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