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Cricket Corner – new BNCA Executive elected

SportsCricket Corner – new BNCA Executive elected

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Jan. 23, 2019– Hello, cricket promoters, players, fans, supporters!

On Sunday, January 20, the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA) held its AGM at the beautiful village of Double Head Cabbage to elect new executive officers to handle all aspects in the everyday running of the Association’s business.

In past elections at the meetings, persons were nominated to fill the seats of the executive body. This year was very different, as two persons presented a slate of persons to fill the seats.

Dirk Sutherland of Western Eagles Cricket Club presented a team comprising of Mrs. Melanie Banner-Revers as President; Mr. Freddie Pakeman as Vice-President; Mr. Dwight Gabb as Secretary; Miss Shara Robinson as Assistant Secretary; Miss Daphne McFadzean as Treasurer; Mr. George Moody as Assistant Treasurer; and Mr. Cypriano Smith as Committee Member.

Mrs. Vincent Parks Thompson then nominated Doctor Roy Young for President. Dr. Young then presented his team. For Vice-President, there was a no-show of the individual; for Secretary was Mr. Alpheus Gillett; for Assistant Secretary, no one was present; for Treasurer, Steve McFadzean; for Assistant Treasurer, Mr. Winford Broaster; for Councilor/Member, Mrs. Vincent Parks Thompson.

The coordinator Mr. Gilroy Middleton gave each vying person, the privilege to address the gathering and explain what their plans were if elected, to move the sport of cricket forward positively. There were two representatives each from 13 teams present that were allowed to vote for their favorite team slate. At the conclusion of the voting, from Mrs. Revers’ team, the Vice-President, Mr. Pakeman; and the Assistant Secretary, Miss Shara Robinson were automatically elected uncontested. Dr. Roy Young won by 4 votes over Mrs. Revers; Mr. Alpheus Gillett won by 4 votes over Mr. Gabb; Mr. George Moody from Mrs. Revers’ slate won by 2 votes over Mr. Winford Broaster; Mr. Steve McFadzean won by 4 votes over Daphne McFadzean; and Mrs. Vincent Parks Thompson won by 6 votes over Cypriano Smith. Dr. Roy Young’s slate won four seats contested, while three from Mrs. Revers’ slate won, but two were uncontested.

So, the new executive body is comprised of Dr. Young – President; Mr. Pakeman – Vice President; Mr. Gillett – Secretary; Miss Robinson – Assistant Secretary; Mr. McFadzean – Treasurer; Mr. Moody – Assistant Treasurer; and Mrs. Thompson – Councilor.

Please note:  Mrs. Melanie Banner-Revers, Mr. Dwight Gabb and Miss Daphne McFadzean have served as executive officers in the Association for some years. They had done an excellent job in their respective positions, and to this they must be congratulated for a job well done.

As everyone who sits on this board knows, it’s not an easy task.  There are many obstacles one has to deal with. These aforementioned persons had met and rode over them. We wish them the best in their future endeavors. Mr. Broaster had a short stint also, serving as a Committee Member, and has helped tremendously in other areas of the Association. To this we say thanks.

Hoping the new executive body will try get some expertise/information from them, if so needed.

Please be informed also that I was asked by the new President to be the Association’s Public Relations Officer, to which I have not made up my mind fully to undertake.

In closing, I wish the new executive every success. You have been elected on a platform. Please try and do your best. The season starts with a Marathon on a date to be set by the Association.

Team captains or your representatives, please be reminded of the meeting to be held with you and the Association’s executive on Saturday, January 26, at 4:00 p.m. in the NEMO building in SANDHILL.

Have a good weekend, everyone.  Respect to all!

P.S.  The cricket association is asking for individuals who are interested in umpiring games to please get in contact with Mr. Alpheus Gillett at phone #614-4735 or the President, Dr. Roy Young at 610- 1375.

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