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Cricket Corner – Summer Fever of Bermudian Landing in Level One and Brilliant of Crooked Tree in Level Two are 2020 Champs in their respective Divisions.

BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 2, 2021– Hello, my cricket folks! I’m very pleased to report to you on the past weekend matches.

Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association and its sponsor Bowen and Bowen, after jumping over many hurdles, the Harrison Parks 2020-2021 Cricket Competition came to an end over the weekend. Please note that this competition was different from other seasons. Because of the amount of teams entering, they were divided into two categories, Level One and Level Two. Two games were played in different venues. There were tears and joy at both venues. As you read along you will agree with me.

At Lords Bank, Summer Fever met with Bandits for a third time in the best-of-three series. In the first match in Belmopan, Bandits won easily. At Landing the following weekend, Summer Fever won handily. Now this weekend, it’s the team that performs the best which will be glorified. Bandits won the toss and opted to bat first.

With the super and precise bowling of George Hyde and Maurice Castillo, at the fall of the first wicket only one run was scored. Then it was 2 for 49, 3 for 64, 4 for 72; and at the fall of the last wicket, 99 runs were scored, with Greg Scott top scoring with 30, followed by Aaron Muslar with 20. The two aforementioned bowlers took 4 wickets each.

After a break for refreshments, it was time for Summer Fever to try and get things done or otherwise. From the time the inning started it was plain that the Bandits were in trouble, for when the first wicket fell the score was at 58. Then it was 2 for 62, 3 for 74, 4 for 81, 5 for 97, and it was history after that. The score reached 103. In that inning, Lloyd Cassasola top scored with 38, followed by Maurice Castillo with 18. Aaron Muslar took 4 wickets for Bandits.

Summer Fever was under the strong coaching from the team’s founder and organizer, Conway Young, who was an active and very excellent player before he gave up playing because of health issues; he and his brother, Kenton Young as the team’s captain, brought out the team three seasons ago. First season, they were sub-champs; second season, 3rd place; and this year, Champions. Congrats, team Summer Fever, for your achievement in winning the top prize!

To the Bandits team, brothers, you all fought hard but it was not to be. You all played excellent. Better going next season!

We now go to Crooked Tree where the second match in the best-of-three was playing between Brilliant and Rural Mix. The weekend before, Brilliant won the first game in Isabella. Today, Rural Mix will try to even things or settle for 2nd place.

Brilliant took to bat first. As hard as bowler Tayshawn Moses and others tried, Brilliant brothers Keagan and Kristan Tillett were “no play” with their batting performances. In 34 overs, all Brilliant wickets fell for a whopping 217 runs, with the aforementioned brothers scoring 71 and 45, respectively. Tayshawn Moses took 3 of Brilliant wickets.

Rural Mix now goes to bat, trying to even things; but it was not to be for team Mix, as young Kristan Tillett and Brandon “Fuds” Lewis took 5 and 3 wickets, respectively. The game was over in 19.5 overs with only 61 runs scored. Frederick Guy and Dwayne Hendy scored 9 and 6 each.

Brilliant’s captain Brandon Lewis and his team have played the season and won every game. They are undefeated from the regular season to the championship round. The team had not won a championship since 2008. Congratulations, team Brilliant! You have done great. To Rural Mix, another season coming up, so be prepared.

The President of the Belize National Cricket Association, Dr. Roy Young must be recognized for introducing the cricket app, allowing scorers to do so live. Come next season, the app will be selecting an MVP after the season ends. There’s a lot more the association has done and is doing, so with your positive attitude towards cricket, many achievements will be reached.

On Saturday, June 5, all winners will be rewarded and awarded with money and kind at the Trophy Challenge Day in Landing at 10:00 a.m. Before trophies are handed out, the excitement of the day is when Summer Fever, Champ of Level One, goes up against Brilliant, Champ of Level Two. Let’s see who have the strongest muscles or skills.

Before I close, for both Level Champion teams, apart from medals and/or trophies, each team will receive $3,000.00. The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive $2,000.00 and $1,000.00, respectively.

With all that said, folks, it was a pleasure to have been able to keep you updated in the sport of cricket. Thank you all who have read my column! Whatever comments made by you concerning my input were well appreciated. Thanks to all those who helped me in getting the information I needed before the cricheroes app came on board. Thanks to the sports editor for receiving my articles at his desk and for making corrections from time to time. To all others indirectly or directly involved, I say Thanks; much appreciated! Bye Bye!

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