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Cycling – Westrac Race 2020 results

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Mar. 16, 2020– With less than a month remaining for this year’s annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic, cycling fans are keenly observing the performance of their Cross Country hopefuls in the various races coming up to the Big One. Yesterday, the Cycling Federation of Belize (CFB) hosted the Westrac Race 2020, which has apparently substituted for the annual Belmopan Classic.

A CFB Facebook post we came across dated March 13 stated:

“Notice of Postponement of The Belmopan Classic

“It is with regret that we advise that further to receiving notification from the Belmopan City Council, sponsors for the Belmopan Classic, the race has been postponed. The preparations for the Covid 19 Virus is of the highest priority at this time. May God bless BELIZE.

“However, please see flyer below for Westrac Race 2020 for this Sunday 15th March at 8:00am.”

According to the flyer that followed, the Westrac Race 2020 started and finished at Westrac Belmopan (BMP) for all categories. The Elites & Under 23 & Masters race travelled from Westrac BMP to Fabers Road Roundabout and back to Westrac BMP, for 100 miles. The Women/Junior/Youth race went from Westrac BMP to Gracie Rock and back to Westrac BMP, for 60 miles; however this race actually only featured Junior and Youth riders, as the only 2 women chose to ride along with the men in the Elite/U23/Masters race.

Some 55 cyclists started the Elite/U23/Masters race, and 43 of them, including the 2 women, completed the journey. Eight (8) of 10 starters finished the Junior/Youth race.

Elite/U23/Masters finishers: 1st Place – Oscar Quiros, Jr. (Smart, 3:48:10); 2nd Joshua Fuller (Smart, 3:55:22); 3rd Brandon Cattouse (C-Ray D. Banner, 3:57:11); 4th Quinton Hamilton (M&M Engineering, 3:57:22); 5th Giovanni Lovell (Digi Elite, 3:58:23); 6th Angel Tzib (Westrac Alliance, 3:58:27); 7th Henry Moreira (Smart, st); 8th Jose Choto (Road Rage, 3:58:46); 9th Ron Vasquez (Benny’s Megabytes, 3:58:58); 10th Richard Santiago (Clear the Land, 3:59:26); 11th Herman “Hijo” Requeña (Santino’s, st); 12th Joslyn Chavarria, Jr. (Digi Elite, 4:01:26); 13th Kenroy “Smokes” Gladden (Kulture, 4:02:02); 14th Carlton Robinson (Benny’s Megabytes, 4:02:04); 15th Phillip Leslie (Smart, st); 16th Darien Anderson (Smart, st); 17th Vallan Symns (Kulture, st); 18th Jafari Castro (Clear the Land, 4:05:28); 19th Byron Pope (Benny’s Megabytes, 4:09:25); 20th Shane Jones (Westrac Alliance, 4:12:49); 21st Anthony Rosado, Jr. (AKL Powerade, st); 22nd John Olivera (AKL Powerade, 4:13:43); 23rd Shamin Burns (Smart, 4:13:49); 24th Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph (unattached, 4:15:10); 25th Santiago “Santino” Castillo (Santino’s, 4:15:10); 26th Dwayne Wade (Road Rage, st); 27th (F) Nicole Gallego (unattached, st); 28th (F) Alicia Thompson (Bze Bank Swoosh, st); 29th Rutherford Cunningham (Digi Club, 4:15:24); 30th Gregory “Bullet” Lovell (Digi Elite, 4:15:28); 31st Wendell Williams (M&M Engineering, 4:15:31); 32nd Roger Troyer (Road Rage, 4:15:54); 33rd Erwin Middleton (Smart, st); 34th Wayne Moses (Kulture, 4:16:13); 35th Gian Lino (Westrac Alliance, 4:20:37); 36th Keion Robateau (Westrac Alliance, st); 37th Alvan Gillett (Kulture, 4:21:00); 38th Wendell Williams, Jr. (Clear the Land, 4:21:14); 39th Ryan Willoughby (M&M Engineering, 4:21:17); 40th Roque Matus (M&M Engineering, 4:21:33); 41st Philip Burns (M&M Engineering, st); 42nd Sherman Thomas (AKL Powerade, 4:28:48); and 43rd Michael Wagner (M&M Engineering, 4:32:50).

Special category winners:

Masters 35+ – 1st Brandon Cattouse.

Masters 4/5 – 1st Vallan Symns; 2nd John Olivera; 3rd Santiago “Santino” Castillo; 4th Rutherford Cunningham; 5th Wendell Williams.

Elite 4/5 – 1st Carlton Robinson; 2nd Jafari Castro; 3rd Shamin Burns; 4th Wendell Williams, Jr.

Women Masters – 1st Alicia Thompson.

Women Elite – 1st Nicole Gallego.

Juniors/Youth finishers: 1st Place – Henry Li (Jason’s Cycling, 3:37:00); 2nd Mairon Muñoz (Jason’s Cycling, 3:52:00); 3rd Fernando Rosado (Chavarria Cycling, st); 4th Derrick Chavarria (Chavarria Cycling, 3:55:00); 5th Tyler Tejeda (Guerra’s Bikeshop, 3:56:00); 6th Jyven Gonzalez (Jason’s Cycling, st); 7th Richard Rosado (Chavarria Cycling, 4:05:00); and 8th Anthony Navarrete (Chavarria Cycling, 4:11:00).

Special category: Youth – 1st Derrick Chavarria; 2nd Tyler Tejeda; 3rd Richard Rosado; 4th Anthony Navarrete.

Feature photo: Oscar Quiros, Jr.

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