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Home Headline Did teens mastermind Benque/Succotz murders?

Did teens mastermind Benque/Succotz murders?

CAYO, Mon. June 21, 2021– Over the weekend, police arrested and charged a 17-year-old girl in the presence of her mother for conspiracy and abetment to commit murder in connection with the murders of retired border manager, 54-year-old Gonzalo Rosado, and BECOL supervisor, 49-year-old Wayne Cadle. An 18-year-old young man, Sergio Pineda, was also charged for the same offenses in connection with the June 20th murder of Wayne Cadle. One other male person was detained over the weekend, but no charges were brought again him.

Police are now playing a waiting game with the suspects in an attempt to ascertain which of them pulled the trigger in the fatal shootings. Reports are that Pineda was arrested across the border on Sunday while in the company of the other male person and was handed over to Belizean authorities.

While police did not want to divulge extensive details about the ongoing investigation, the communications director of the Police Department, Fitzroy Yearwood, shared that the department’s close cooperation with their Guatemalan counterparts led to the detention of the persons.

These two murders both occurred in the district of Cayo, under similar circumstances. On the night of his death, on Friday, May 28, Wayne Cadle was, for one reason or the other, in Benque Viejo Town, despite living with his family in San Ignacio. He was targeted by three persons who shot and killed him before escaping in his 2020 Futon pickup. The truck has still not been located and is believed to be across the Guatemalan border.

Similarly, in early March, we reported that Gonzalo Rosado was killed in front of his house in Succotz after he went to Benque Viejo to pick up a woman. He was reportedly in the company of two other men at the time as well.

Police had detained several persons during their investigation of that murder, including the teenaged female, who were all released, until their recent apprehension. The Director of Public Prosecutions handed down her directive to charge the minor and the 18-year-old with the crimes following consultation with police.

It has been reported that the arrested minor will turn 18 later this year.

To date, an official motive for the crimes has not been disclosed by police.

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