Letters — 17 July 2019
Being drunk and exposing yourself in public are against the law

Dear Editor,

The abusive consumption of alcohol in public is a real problem in our society. I concur with Compol Chester Williams.

Just today, Sunday, here in Orange Walk, I saw two vehicles with young men stop in the middle of the street, in different areas of town, and the men relieved their bladders without regard for whether ladies or children were around.

That is disgusting, and surely, if they weren’t consuming alcohol, they would at least have looked for a corner.

The public consumption of alcohol is so bad here that my neighbor opened a cool spot so that his customers wouldn’t drink their beer on the street side; they refused to drink inside and he had to close it down.

They are now back to consuming their beverages in the open lot. Not as bad as before, but enough of them.

Public consumption of alcohol, “found drunk”, and exposing yourself in public are against the law. These are lawbreakers and should be treated as such.

Romel Cuello

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