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EOB = PUDP betrayal

Today, January 28, after having gotten a copy of the EOB (Equal Opportunity Bill), I had just gotten through a review when I was told, “You have wasted some hours of time. The deal has been done; the Prime Minister has signed the agreement.”

Yesterday, making a declaration, the Leader of the Opposition had stated: ‘I haven’t read it, but I approve it’, or words to that effect.

I have never in my life felt so disrespected. The two leaders of my country, a haven of human rights and freedom of conscience, have agreed to the bill with all its flaws and faults; it has been approved by both the People’s United party and the United Democratic Party, both founded by men who were jealous of their Christian heritage and would never serve any other worldly cause for love or money.

I felt worse than a pile of garbage. The agreement with the IDB is for twenty million dollars. We Belizeans number about four hundred thousand. So, each of us was sold for $50.00. Do you know what $50.00, really is? It is about what passes through our sewer pipes about every 2 days for each of us.

How do you feel to be exchanged for two days’ worth of refuse and excrement?! Our two leaders have done this to us — both the Red and the Blue!

Only my country, our little country, has boldly referred in its Constitution, the true origin of rights, to “the dignity of the human person and the equal and inalienable rights with which all the members of the human family are endowed by their CREATOR.” No politician, or leader, or judge can take my rights away from me!

Even a referendum cannot bind me to submit to a deprivation of any basic freedom. No court in the world may justly bind me to accept its definition of a word like sex, whose truth is a basic biological fact. But at least it requires a constitutional amendment. This has not happened!

Our maximum political leaders, the Red and the Blue, seem completely insensitive to the trauma we have been through. The two most highly respected nations in the world have shown us the obscene power of the Liberal Agenda. In 2018, we saw how in the most august chamber of restrained behaviour an effort was scandalously made to discredit and destroy a good man. He was charged by a political party through a woman that claimed he sexually assaulted her.

With not a shred of evidence, the US senators were urged to forget and abandon the most sacred principle of Western law and jurisprudence: the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE. This most serene expression of justice is enshrined in the Belize Constitution. Consider Ch 2, article 6, subsection 3, (a): “Every person who is charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed to be innocent until he is proved guilty…”

How is it possible for the two leaders of our political parties founded by Christian leaders devoted to a godly view of living to presume to think that our people will just cower in humiliating submission and accept a law that will supersede all others (except the Constitution, already disrespected by our courts). I have already proposed that the public exposure of the Equal Opportunity Bill followed too closely the Appeals Court judgement favouring homosexuality. To me, it seemed a railroading of a different vision of life being rammed down our throats to take it or leave it.

Shame on you, Mr. Prime Minister! Shame on you, Mr. Leader of the Opposition!

However, in spite of all the abuse, we have maintained our long- suffering and patience. Our Christian leaders still issue the call for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of all manner of people. Curiously, no manmade law is able to produce the conditions of our society, or any other, to make us love our fellow man, but we obey the first commandment of Almighty God to love Him and our fellow man as we love ourselves.

It would be mighty interesting to see a secular nation and its manmade laws achieve what God has himself not done from the very beginnings of human history!

By the way, when we talk about God’s will, for example saying that people who are homosexual should be loved because it is by God’s Will that they exist, I wish that those who say this would follow with an explanation: God’s will is creative and PERMISSIVE. What he creates by His will simply IS… But he also permits what is evil because our FREE WILL is most important to Him, for love must be free. If God coerces us, it is not love. And love is what God wants from us.

The urgency, with which Government has presented EOB, would lead a person from Mars to think that every day in Belize a hate crime is committed against homosexuals. Actually, most Belizeans believe that the hate expressed and feared by them is really done by themselves against one another when they descend into a jealous rage and do violence to one another.

Our leaders should be wise enough to know that the laws they unjustly foist upon the nation to protect their tiny minority of special friends and relatives are really not the answer to check and stop discrimination.

Certainly, if history has taught us anything, it is a lesson that forcing an unjust law against good people strengthens their resolve to RESIST.

The history of Western Civilization provides throughout the ages windows of brilliant light, where one person or a family, or a group, makes public declaration: Here I stand; I can do no other.

Today, who really remembers Henry VIII of England?

Millions still remember and commemorate the silent resistance of Sir Thomas More, who surrendered his chain of the highest office of the land and went to the execution block to have his head cut off while he still quietly prayed for the King who was cutting off his head!
May our leaders, all of them, start to overlook paltry selfish interests and dedicate themselves fully to serving, the COMMON GOOD.

And we pray God to raise up for us NEW LEADERS!

Let them be BLUE, RED, or COLORLESS.

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