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FFB calls National U17 Men’s Team to camp

GeneralFFB calls National U17 Men’s Team to camp

BELMOPAN, Wed. May 4, 2022

   The Belize National U17 Men’s Team is starting its training preparations for the CONCACAF U17 Men’s Qualifiers to be played at a venue to be announced. The Qualifiers are scheduled to take place from the 23rd to 31st August, 2022.  

   The players are to report to camp on the specific dates as follows:

   May 7 & 8 – goalkeepers & defenders

   May 14 & 15 – goalkeepers & midfielders

   May 21 & 22 – goalkeepers & attackers

   The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) wishes the National U17 Men’s Team all the best as they report to camp on their respective dates at 9:00 a.m.

      U17 Men’s players called to camp and respective region (Stann Creek – scr; Belize – bze; San Pedro – snp; Orange Walk – owk; Belmopan – bmp; Benque – ben; Cayo – cyo; Corozal – czl; Mid-South – mds; Toledo – tol):

   May 7 & 8:  goalkeepers – Carlos Palacio (scr), Edward Humes (bze), Gerrardo Reyes (snp) and Donie Pott (owk); defenders – Brandon Rogers (bze), Kenrick Gordon (bze), Dylon Gongora (bmp), Jahlique Lopez (bmp), Javier Tobar (bmp), Carlos Martinez (ben), Christian Yacab (ben), Carlos Segura (ben), Ivor Martinez (cyo), Keanu Fernandez (cyo), Amid Flores (czl), Alexis Mendez (czl), Emir Chan (czl), Nolbert Crawford (czl), Kanye Leslie (mds), Jocel Bulnes (snp), Beandre Wity (snp), Clay Flores (scr), Jaheim Menz (scr), Darren Villafranco (tol) and Vallen Nunez (tol). 

   May 14 & 15:  goalkeepers – Carlos Palacio (scr), Edward Humes (bze), Gerrardo Reyes (snp) and Donie Pott (owk); midfielders – Stiven Rivera (bze), Kenyon Smith (bze), Lyndon Flores (bze), Jaymion Cacho (bze), Allen Umana (bmp), Zylin Flowers (bmp), Naitan Pastrana (bmp), Julio Cantun (ben); Patricio Guerra (cyo), Roy Cano (cyo), Dylan Robateau (czl), Carson Torres (mds), Daniel Cadle (mds), Eliel Solarez (mds), Jahleel Noralez (snp), Josue Valle (snp), Ernest Flores (scr), Ozil Martinez (scr), Arlen Mendoza (scr), Sharlon Martinez (tol), Diego Chan (owk) and Diandre Canul (owk).

   May 21 & 22:  goalkeepers – Carlos Palacio (scr), Edward Humes (bze), Gerrardo Reyes (snp) and Donie Pott (owk); attackers – Flayden Carter (bze), Dixon Gamboa (bze), Keffer Perteau (bze), Jaime Velasquez (cyo), Adrian Lobos (cyo), Austin Lisbey (cyo), Bernard Jacobs (czl), Miguel Canizales (mds), Santiago Makin (mds), Primitivo Martinez (snp), Steven Almendarez (snp), Edward Reyes (snp), Jeremy Myvette (tol), Alex Gamboa (tol), Jalen Flores (tol), Samuel Miranda (bmp), Jayden Lennan (ben), Jose Iglesias (ben), Erandy Tzul (owk), Emir Rodriguez (owk), Ronaldo Westby (owk) and Harrison Roches (scr).  

   Technical Staff:  Head Coach – John George; Assistant Coach – Nicholas Ara; Goalkeeper Coach – Stanley Reneau; Fitness Coach – Dennis Serano; Equipment Manager – Herbert Trapp, Jr.; Manager – Tyrone Young.

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