Letters — 07 November 2014
Fight dengue – form small groups to help citizens clean their yards

Dear Editor,

Dengue is a serious disease plaguing our country. This disease is thought to have spread mainly as a result of unsuccessful vector and disease inspection, as well as poor public health infrastructure, population growth, and the increase in national and international travel. The main vector of dengue is the domestic mosquito, Aedes aegypti. This mosquito breeds in artificial containers that hold water, and in areas where the water is stagnant. Dengue is seasonal and generally relates to warmer, more humid weather. Increased rainfall, humidity and temperature can influence the life cycle of the vector and virus, thus increasing the transmission potential.

I know we have put measures in place to educate the public on how to eradicate the breeding of these mosquitoes. These measures include advertisements on the television as well as press conferences with representatives from public health.

Let’s get real. Most people affected by dengue are those living on the Southside of Belize City. Many of these people are poor, who can hardly meet their basic needs, much less having a TV to see how to prevent dengue.

Also, many of them do not understand the press conferences that are held, as the presenters use superfluous and technical terms that they don’t understand.

Therefore, we need to come together and show compassion for one another. There are many ways in which we can give a helping hand; for example, we could form small groups and go

around in the city and help people clean their yards by removing old containers that are breeding holes for these mosquitoes.

In order for our country to be healthy, we need to work together as one body – government, churches, schools, and businesses.

In unity there is strength!

Audrey Castellanos


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