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Football Flashback 7 – our latest list for the 1980s

BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 18, 2020– Below is our latest list of 1st Division football players during the period of the 1980s up to the start of semipro football in 1991.

Early-1980s to Semipro 1991
Albert “Lizard” Ferguson
Alberto Yam
Alfred “Fredo” Usher
Allyson “Sugar” Gentle
Alvin Pennel
Amin Cano
Anthony “Telos” Usher
Arthur “Goatman” Leslie
Arthur “Mob” Flowers
Benedict Lopez
Benjamin “Don’t” Mejia
Bernard “Dubu” Thomas
Carlton Rushford
Cecil Flowers
Charles “Charlie Wong” Flowers
Christopher “Greek” Luben
Colin “Byman” Francis
Conrad “Can-D” Thomas
Dalbert “Chill Pill” Lemoth
David “Manu” McCaulay
David Cano
Dean Ottley
Donald Moss
Earl “Seven Ton” Jones
Earl “Tangi” Usher
Eddison “Kenny Rogers” Clare
Edward Daniels
Edwin “Bri Bri” Hill
Egbert “Chana” Kisling
Eloy Gonzalez
Elvis “Cricket” Crawford
Errol Muslar
Erwin Contreras
Euan “Bulgi” Gillett
Eugene Courtenay
Evan “Chubby” Jones
Findlay Gladden
Francisco “Panya” Tillett
Frank Sharp
Gerald Faux
Gerry Tillett
Gilroy “Coro” Usher
Goldburn Myvette
Harry “Bounce” Myvette
Jervis “Rookie” Lambey
Joel Jones Dougal
Jorge Espat
Joseph Kisling
Juvencio “Bud” August
Kenard Middleton
Kenneth “Cap” Hoare
Kenrick “Buck” Domingo
Kenrick “Crane” Major
Kent “Gigante” Skeete
Kent Gabourel
Larry Flowers
Leonard “Mole” Nunez
Leroy “Pip” Young
Leroy “Plantain” Terry
Leslie “Pinted” Guild
Lloyd “Trans Am” Cain
Mark “Tapad” Haylock
Martin Nolberto
Marvin “Hagler” Ottley
Matthew Williams
Maurice “Magic” Francis
Maurice “Pocket” Matthews
Michael “Magal” Jones
Michael “Tim” Reneau
Michael Blease
Miguel Rivero
Nelson Moss
Norman “Poti/Lion” Orosco
Oncell “Massive” Lopez
Orville “Spider Man” Burgess
Paul Kelly
Pernell Pandy
Raul Roches
Reggie Williams
Reuben “Postman” Crawford
Ricardo Sosa
Rodrigo Yam
Ronald Greaves
Rudolph “Supa” Humes
Ruperto Vicente
Steve “Rambo” Robinson
Steve Guild
Steven “Crane” Michael
Trevor Plunkett
Troy Tillett
Wallace Glynn, Jr.
Wayne “Beepo” Goff
Wayne “Bom” Jones
Wayne “Grumps” Young
Wayne “Minni Man” Reynolds
Wayne Wade
Wellington “Spooners” Hall
Wellington Ramos
Wilhelm Miguel
Winston “Mob” Humes

Help us if you can with missing names of players in this period, or the correct name where we have it wrong or only a nickname. We got the official first name for “Negro” Hall; that is Hubert “Negro” Hall, thanks to Lewis “Buck” Belisle, Jr.; but we are still seeking the name of the MVP for 1960-61.

Send emails to [email protected] or [email protected] or you can call cell 607-8616.

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