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Have you ever wondered why almost all the popular music we hear is discussing love/sex affairs of various kinds between human beings? It is because, I submit, we human beings are animals to a great extent, and we are driven, when it comes to this love/sex business, by what the scientists call “hormones.”

In a sense, our human presence here is basic: at birth, we received genes from our parents, and when we become of a certain age, we are able to link with members of the opposite sex and pass on these genes to the next generation. Despite the existence of some Anna Nicole Smith situations every now and then, it may be argued that our essential purpose on this planet is served once we have succeeded in passing the genes we inherited from our parents on to another generation.

When I was young, there was a popular song called, “Two different worlds.” Generally speaking, parents do not want their children to mate with children of another world. Put it another way: parents often want to pick partners for their children, so to speak, and these parental intrusions can become complications in life.

In so-called Eastern societies, there are many situations where the parents arrange marriages for their offspring, sometimes from as early as the birth of these children. And these arranged marriages, perhaps amazingly, work more often than those which evolve out of the Western romantic situations, where lovers choose each other relatively randomly.

Back to the “different worlds” business. A member of Belize’s ruling classes recently wrote a history/biography of her famous husband, and herself, but there is no mention of someone from a different world who played a role in their lives. That person is King Arthur.

A knowledgeable person from the other world, which is the world of the streets, the raw and real world, would be puzzled by her omission, because King Arthur was an absolutely legendary figure in the streets. My suggestion would have to be that her work is written for the ruling classes. Let it be.

I have had a contentious relationship with the high-ranking couple over the decades, and I do not wish for that contention to continue indefinitely. As a writer, I totally respect the profession, and give credit to the lady author for her effort.

But, you know, the story of King Arthur resonates in the streets of Belize City. It was so sensational.

Let me begin by saying that the most rated young man in the streets until early 1992 was Itza Brown. He was killed, through a contract, at the National Stadium by the late Herbert “Ninjaman” Wiltshire. The story in the streets is that the Crips gunman, Sani Santos, circled a subway party in Brooklyn, New York, for hours before he caught up with the man who supposedly gave Ninjaman the Itza contract. The man was heavily guarded, but Sani got the job done. Sani entered a pantheon of mythical street figures.

For a long time, I’d been hearing that Sani was in jail in Chicago, but a source told me recently that Sani is being cared for in Los Angeles. A shot in the back had paralyzed him.

King Arthur, on the other hand, is dead. All the stats suggest that he was killed by Belize’s security forces one night in the Vista del Mar area. King Arthur had committed perhaps the most audacious crime in our lifetime, when he gunned down the George Street boss and his lady friend one night at a gas station just outside of Belize City. The hits were caught on camera, and went viral.

Our sources state that the state ordered him dead, because they feared all-out war between George Street and Pregnant Alley, of which King Arthur was the undisputed leader. (If you are looking west down Cemetery Road, George Street and Pregnant Alley are only half a block apart, or less.) They are mortal, mortal enemies. It is a crazy situation, and a bloody one, has been so for decades.

So how do you bring up King Arthur in a history/biography of Belize’s ruling classes? It is because of hormones. Sometimes a young man from the streets is so incredibly charismatic that he attracts the attention of a young lady member of the ruling classes. Or, sometimes he brings himself to the attention of that young lady.

Unless you want to cage your children, most of us can’t control our children completely when it comes to these hormonal surges. These hormonal surges sometimes conquer all. So what are you going to do about it when the surges end up in another generation being conceived? Pretend it didn’t happen?

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