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Glenfield Dennison, new NTUCB Senator

HighlightsGlenfield Dennison, new NTUCB Senator

by Charles Gladden

BELMOPAN, Mon. Feb. 19, 2024

Glenfield Dennison, elected by the members of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) over the weekend in Belmopan as the trade union senator, will be the successor to Elena Smith, who submitted her letter of resignation to the National Assembly last month.

“We are at a point where her term has expired for us based on decisions that we’ve made at a previous AGM, and so, we are just respecting the decisions of our AGM, right, and so carrying out with what needs to happen,” said Luke Martinez, President of the NTUCB. “She took over during a tough time. She had to prove herself and show to the National Trade Union Congress membership and Belizeans that she understood her responsibility and her role as a trade unionist. And Sister Elena was able to do so, while she represented the National Trade Union Congress as our senator.”

Saturday’s election saw two candidates vying for the position won by Dennison, who received 26 votes and narrowly defeated Marvin Mora, who got 25 votes. Martinez told the media after the elections ended that Dennison’s goals are aligned with those of the NTUCB.

“I always say that once you’re a trade union member and you’re representing the National Trade Union Congress, you must understand what our strategic goals and objectives are. We launched our strategic plan last year, and each trade union member has an opportunity to review that strategic plan where we have our clear goals and objectives. My message is always direct when it comes to anybody who represents the National Trade Union Congress: if you are not able to align yourself with our goals and objectives, NTUCB mission and vision, you cannot align yourself to support the working class, then you can’t represent the National Trade Union Congress,” he said.

Dennison has represented the NTCUB on the People’s Constitution Commission (PCC) in several workshops where he also serves as vice chairman. His election is not set in stone as yet; Martinez said that a letter will be written to the Governor General of Belize, Dame Froyla Tzalam, on the events of the election.

While Dennison cannot comment at this time as he has not yet been sworn in as senator, he expressed his emotions to Amandala about his newly elected position, “I am humbled to have been elected as the next senator for the NTUCB,” he said.

Martinez further noted to the media that the post-tenure varies between two to three years. Smith has been holding the position from approximately 2016. Smith also served as President of the Belize National Teachers Union, until her resignation in 2022.

She is expected to depart from her post on April 1.

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