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Keep the Faith

My heart sank as I watched in utter dismay as the deluge brought on by Hurricane Eta ravaged our brothers and sisters in the west and the south. The sheer despair and emptiness that welled up in the eyes of those affected by the inundation was tough to watch and absorb.

While I took in the images and the scenes, one thing stood out for me: the flooding affected mostly the poor, and most vulnerable of our nation.

It was a very sad and scary phenomenon to watch the thick and murky brown waters sweep through the hills and valleys, destroying everything in its path. To see the fear and confusion on the faces of the little children as they were being rescued and taken to safety breaks my heart.

It was a sight to take in as people quickly assessed their belongings and tried to secure their most prized possessions before the flood came in and took everything else that was left behind.

More than the destruction and devastation that were left behind in the flood’s wake, was the startling fact that once again, the poor of this country have yet again been dispossessed and displaced at the hands of this mighty flood.

It is clear when we consider the effects of COVID-19, as well as the hurricane, the level of unemployment and the financial/ economic crisis we are in, that this year has been one of the most challenging years we have seen or experienced in our modern history.

It is disturbing to look at the heart-wrenching sights of our people in distress and fleeing from their places of abode, losing everything to the water in its wake. As we look in the eyes of our people as they grapple with yet another defeat, we realize that 2020 has proved that it is not finished with us yet. It has certainly been a year that has torn us to shreds, ravaged us in more ways than one, and rattled us to our core.

It is high time that we pool our resources together and reach out to one another in loving service. In a time like this, more than ever, we are called to look out for one another and offer a collective spirit of love and service towards each other. We are the only ones capable of saving ourselves and each other, and it is with that in mind that we should bundle up our hopes, reaffirm our resolve and serve one another in an effort to make the journey a little easier as we continue to inch forward.

In a time like this, given all that we have gone through and are continuing to experience, our faith has been severely tested. It has dwindled to the point that it flickers like a candle struggling to stay lit against turbulent winds.

Our collective faith is being tested.

But while our earthly treasures and mundane possessions may have been lost, what remains is the sheer indomitability of our will and resolve to bounce back. We have done it before, and we will do it again.

In times like these, more than ever, we need a revival. We need a revival of our faith that will renew our spirit and strengthen our resolve to know that we can and will rebound. It is a summon not just to keep the faith, but to build upon the faith and more so, to share the faith, especially with those who have lost it, in an earnest quest to bridge our divide and re-emerge from the ravages of life’s collective floods a stronger, unified and more resilient people.

Our collective thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by the flood. It is our hope that those most affected will be offered support and afforded the assistance they so desperately need. Hold strong, brothers and sisters, stand firm and keep the faith.
We are all in this together, in loving service.

Don’t just keep the faith; spread it!

God bless Belize!

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