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Kathleen “Mams” Maud Meheia, JP

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 20, 2022     Funeral...

Major flooding up

HeadlineMajor flooding upNorth!

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 20, 2022
The rains over the weekend from the
remnants of a low-pressure system that
was being monitored since last Friday
Major flooding up
have caused major flooding in the
northern districts of Orange Walk and

Corozal. The system, which made its
way into the Gulf of Honduras, crossed
over Belize late last week and into the
weekend caused intense rain which
peaked late Saturday evening into
“Preliminary information from our
network of automatic weather stations
indicates that the heaviest rainfall
occurred over the Corozal and Orange
Walk Districts, where some stations
recorded as high as 10 to around 13
inches of rainfall within the three-day
period from Friday into Sunday. Those
rainfalls, as you would know by now,
have created some flooding over parts
of the Orange Walk and Corozal
Districts. The forecast going forward
is that the conditions will remain very
moist or very wet, to put it in that term,
and very unstable for the next few days.
We have a tropical wave which is near
us and moving very slowly, so that
system will continue to dump heavy
rainfall across the country,” Chief
Meteorologist Ronald Gordon said
during a Zoom press conference this
He shared that the models are
projecting 2 to 3 inches of rain, or
possibly more, daily, and warns
residents to take caution, since these
models tend to lean toward more
conservative estimates.
“Indications are that the districts that
have been affected already will continue
to be affected. As a matter of fact, the
models are indicating about 2 to 3
inches with locally higher amounts daily,
for today and Tuesday, with amounts
decreasing around Wednesday and a
likely return to better weather on the
latter part of the week, that is Thursday
into Friday. Important point, the ground
is already saturated, there has been
intense rainfall, upwards of 10 inches
in some locations, and there is likely to
be more rainfall, with the models
indicating about 2 to 3 inches daily and
locally higher amount, because the
models sometimes are conservative in
their forecast, so we need to take into
consideration that what we see on the
models may not what be what occurs.
There could be higher amounts, and
those rainfalls are likely to more
flooding in that area,” Gordon
A flood warning has been issued for
those northern districts, and the
National Emergency Management
Organization (NEMO) sprang into
action last night. Shelton Defour, the
Deputy Coordinator of NEMO, shared
that district coordinators have been on
the ground since Friday when the
forecast for increased rains was issued.
By Sunday, shelters had to be opened
in some northern communities due to
the rapid flooding in those areas.
During an interview this morning,
Defour said, “The main concern was
the pooling of water in people’s yard,
so that was the first level of
inconveniences when the water started
to pour in people’s yard. It was not
Major flooding
up North!
Continued from„Page 1
until about 3:30 thereabout that heavy
downpour from the remnants or
passing of the area of low pressure near
the Orange Walk Town and surrounding
villages were under the rain for about
at least 2 hours nonstop. From our
assessment on the ground, the water
could not run off from people’s yards
into the street because of the drainage
problem, so the water just inundated
the entire Trial Farm, Black Water area,
other parts of the Orange Walk Town
itself, and then it partially washed out a
culvert near Tower Hill area which
caused additional flooding in that area.”
Shelters were opened to the residents
of the flooded areas: 10 families from
Carmelita were directly affected, and 2
from the San Jose area. NEMO is
activated across the country, Defour
says, and the Ministry of Education has
been advised that classes should not
be held in affected areas today.
In order to emphasize the scope of
the massive amounts of rain which
caused never before seen flooding in
some areas up north, Chief
Meteorologist Gordon explained that
about ¾ of monthly estimated rainfall
fell in those areas in just 6 hours, from
midday on Sunday to 6:00 p.m..
“The data from our automatic
weather stations that were there showed
141.8 millimeters of rainfall, which is
about 5 and a half inches. I told you
the total for the month is about 200
millimeters, so it’s almost three-quarter
of what we get in a month that we got
in 6 hours.” Gordon outlined.
While up north received the brunt of
the rains and flooding over the
weekend, the NEMO deputy
coordinator reminded the public that
due to the topography of southern
Belize, those areas will always see, and
should always prepare, for flash floods.
Defour explained, “The hill features,
once the rainfall on the hilly terrains,
rivers like the Moho River, will always
see the flash flood, so they see that on
a regular basis. From I was stationed
in Toledo ages ago, there’s always been
Blue Creek, and those places flooding,
Jacintoville, places like that where the
water piles up after it runs off the high
ground, Big Falls, and those
communities. So, they are experiencing
a flash flood. That is a similar threat in
Cayo, where they have rains in the hills
in Guatemala which we are monitoring
right now in terms of rainfalls amounts,
and the Mopan River in Guatemala, to
anticipate the downstream flow into
Belize, and then that means the knockon
effect is flooding in Belize River
Most vulnerable families are to be
identified by village chairpersons and
directed or transported to shelters if
necessary. A flood warning across the
northern districts remains in effect, and
a warning is also in place for the rest
of the country.
“The National Meteorological
Service of Belize and the National
Emergency Management Organization
(NEMO) hereby informs the general
public that a slow-moving tropical
wave is affecting the country today,”
stated the second advisory issued
today. “This comes after an area of
low pressure caused flooding in the
northern districts on Sunday, June 19,

  1. As a result, some areas in Orange
    Walk and Corozal have already seen
    upwards of ten inches of rainfall during
    the past seventy-two hours. The
    tropical wave will continue to support
    very wet conditions persisting at least
    through to mid-week,” the advisory
    further said.

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