Letters — 09 September 2014
Major Lloyd Jones still missing the basic point

Dear Editor,

Could you please publish this letter to Major Lloyd Jones?

Dear Major Jones,

You are missing the point because the issue is still about “the fundamental rights of citizens”. All the citizens of a country are entitled to basic fundamental rights that are enshrined in their country’s constitution. It is the responsibility of their governments to grant them what they are entitled to. Failure on the part of their governments is in violation of the same constitution they swore to uphold.

What you are trying to do is to state your own personal qualifications for Natural Born Belizeans who possess Dual Citizenships, but you do not have that power, and if you insist in pushing your qualifications you will become very unpopular. You have to get elected to the House of Representatives to change the constitution. However, we do not need you in the House of Representatives because the current constitution is denying us of our fundamental rights as natural born Belizean citizens and we want to amend it. We are going to organize ourselves and support a party or political parties to change it and yes, we have the human, intellectual, educational, experiential and financial resources to do it.

Every Belizean has a relative living in the United States, including you, and I find it disgusting that you are insisting on proposing all these requirements which have nothing to do with rights of citizens. If you want to continue this dialogue, we will, but under the same platform, which is, “The rights of citizens and Government’s constitutional responsibility to its citizens.”

I wish you a lot of luck, because you will sure need some as of now, moving forward.

Yours truly,

Wellington C. Ramos
Belizean American
Adjunct Professor of History
Email: [email protected]

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