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Mayor Earl Trapp’s home invaded; he was assaulted and robbed by fake cops

SAN IGNACIO, Cayo District, Thurs. July 18, 2019– At about 10:00 Tuesday night, the home of Mayor Earl Trapp, the Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, the twin towns of Cayo District, was invaded by three counterfeit policemen who attempted to subdue him, but he was too strong in his resistance, discouraging the fake cops, who stole a bag out of his room containing $7,000 and a cell phone before escaping.

The thieves ran out of the house and escaped in their getaway vehicle.

Mayor Trapp believes that it was an inside job and masterminded by someone who has a good knowledge of his house. The thieves had to pass four dogs to get into his house, which made him believe that the men have a good idea of the layout of his house.

One man has been detained as the investigation progresses.

Luckily, the mayor was not seriously hurt, and his wife, who was menaced by one of the robbers who had a gun, was not hurt.

The Mayor was able to kick and punch the robbers when they were trying to tape his hands. One of them bit him in the face, but he was also able to bite one of them on the hand.

Mayor Trapp said that while he was fighting with two of the thieves, the one holding his wife hostage at gunpoint was demanding money, even though his wife told them that they had no money in the house.

Mayor Trapp said that he was sleeping when he was awakened by his wife, who told him that three policemen were looking for him. When he went to the door, he saw three men dressed in camouflage clothes like those worn by police. The men told him that they were on patrol and that they were thirsty.

When he opened the door for them to give them water, they rushed in and told him that he was under arrest. One of them took out a roll of duct tape and tried to tape his arms.

Mayor Trapp said that although the men wore what looked like police uniforms, he made up his mind that he would not be taken from his house, to be killed by thieves, and while he fought with them, he began to shout as loudly as he could, to alert his neighbors.

Trapp said that his neighbors, who came out to see what the trouble was, saw the bandits drive away.

In speaking to KREM RADIO, Mayor Trapp urged people to be careful when people dressed in police clothes come to their houses. Firstly, he said do not open your door and secondly, call the police station for verification.

ASP Joseph Myvett also reminds people that policemen will come in a marked police vehicle, and they will have their identification cards to identify themselves. He urged people to demand to see their ID cards, and if they are not satisfied, to call the station for verification.

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