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Please noh kik down that fence

Aha, this world, this world, my, it is reported that the lawyers who led the charge to freedom from the closet have now been exalted to positions to pass judgment on greater matters. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t read in the Amandala all that the NEAB churches had to say about it, and I bet the same fear that ran through my bones as I read the story ran through theirs on learning about this unbelievable decision to hire TWO, not one, TWO UNIBAM lawyers to sit as judges on the Supreme Court for a year. This would never have happened in the old Belize, not the one all of us loved so much, not the one Hon. Sedi said was better than the Belize we live in now.

You know, the UDP in the twelve long years failed us in so many ways, didn’t give us what we asked for, but what we didn’t ask for, we di get.

Ah, we should have known that bigger things were in store for those two when we saw that front page picture in the Guardian, with them standing at the sides of a proud-as-a-peacock Caleb, fresh off vanquishing Leviticus! That picture — if ever one said a thousand words, that was it.

The January 5, 2019 Guardian headline screamed: “SAME SEX ACTS LEGAL; GAY MARRIAGE NEXT”. The story said that after winning their case the free-up-the-closet gang held a press conference, at which one of them, Mr. James, said that Section 53, which outlawed two men cohabiting, offended gay “rights to dignity, privacy, freedom of expression, discrimination and equality.”

The triumphant Caleb, not confining himself to his specific victory, said “…what I have proven is that whether you’re a sex worker, LGBT, a marginalized woman, a person with diverse abilities, a person experiencing domestic violence, you have the ability to take an issue to court and get redress.”

And Ms. Lisa, who we once had such high hopes for, said: “If persons who are LGBT or intersex wish to do the normal human thing of linking themselves in a union, I think that is going to be the next frontier, and it is for those persons to take up that challenge, and I foresee that challenge coming.” My gudnis, she’s gone, taken by the other side. Yes, my friends, gay marriage, two men being showered with rice on church steps.

Somewhere in the Bible it is said that the stone the builders refused would become the head stone and that if you proved yourself in small things, there would be greater in store for you. Oh foolish we, thinking that that greatness was in store for the ones who respected Leviticus, now to find that Caleb is David.

We are told that the strong feelings, powerful urge, which the vast majority of men have for women, that our gay brothers have those feelings for men. Indeed, it is a fact that some of our brothers are wired that way, but the biology says that two men coupling is against the order of nature because they are not about perpetuation of the species. The Bible calls for them to be celibate. The state says, please to keep the mischief inside the closet.

Not all sexual urges are wholesome. There are men who hanker for little children, men who hanker for animals, and men who hanker for cadavers. Well, little children are definitely off limits, men who like animals should go to bush or caye with their fetish, and we must all rush to bury our dead so the philistines are denied.

Human beings have to man up and face their faults, instead of spending so much time trying to justify their failures and frailties. There are things all of us do, okay, things most of us do, that we shouldn’t brag about. There are things we lock up in our bedrooms, and closets, and only we have the key. All of us come short of the glory of God; only philistines boast about their sins.

Please, the institution of marriage wasn’t made for two men. Don’t let anyone tell you that marriage is not primarily about the protection of children. When two people are not compatible, and they break up, the state blesses their coupling up with someone else, to provide a safe home for the children. It is the ideal.

Interestingly, some men who live with men want children, and in so-called advanced countries they couple up so that they can adopt. Where in nature do you see two man dogs coupling up to take care of the puppies? Exactly what more do two men need than the safety of their closet?

It’s all because our leaders have no honesty and creativity, that they’re allowing these philistines to try at kicking down our fence.

Gay marriage is a money-maker. Booze and barbeque are sold at homosexual weddings. Homosexuals order wedding cakes, so bakers and cake decorators will get some chum. Pastors get paid to officiate at weddings, and the chum they make can be used to help sponsor their programs for the needy. It’s a whole new industry. Pornography is a whole new industry too. And there is prostitution. Wait, there’s nothing new there.

Prostitution is an age-old industry carried out in dark bedrooms, but whoa, it is now looking for blessings too. It’s a fact that promiscuity and anal sex spread disease in the human race, but I still support a woman’s right to sell her body in a discreet place and a man’s right to share his closet with whomever. However, withhold the talk about honor, because there’s glory only in wholesome procreation in a wholesome place. Everything else — gay, kinky — is mischief.

It is in the nature of man to be greedy. The courts opened the gate to the closet. Now they want to kik down di fence.

More on keeping safe during Covid-19

At the beginning of the pandemic the WHO and the CDC said one thing about face masks, and now they say their new information is indicating something else, but there are people who want to clutch on to old information. The CDC and the WHO have said that one of their reasons for dissuading rank and file from wearing face masks was to protect the supply of N-95 masks for those who needed them most, medical personnel.

The experts insist that face masks must cover both the nose and mouth, but a lot of people are about the place with chin masks. Some people resist wearing masks because they say it seriously affects their breathing. In the realm of half a loaf being better than no loaf, it would be good if people at least cover their mouths when they are speaking. Certainly, they would not spew into the air the same amount of germs as the person who had the covering only over their “chin.” I think so.

The use of face shields is encouraged by many medical experts, but not to replace face masks. The experts say the most effective face shields have no leaks in the areas around your forehead where they are positioned, have greater coverage on the sides, and hang well below the chin. A face mask and a good face shield equals better protection when we are about in the public.

A practical observation on hand washing is that we must pay a lot more attention to our fingers. The experts advise us to not touch our eyes, nose, and mouth with our hands, and it is the fingers that we use most often to do our touching. Parents, make sure those school children’s fingernails are cut, almost to the quick, and teach them to wash their hands properly. The sticky little fingers must be washed thoroughly.

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