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Power to the needy, not the greedy!

LettersPower to the needy, not the greedy!

Dear Editor,

Today, Friday, September 5, marks almost a year since the Penner Passport Scandal was disclosed to the citizens of this honorable country. It gives us a great indication of the incompetency of those in power to regulate the abuse of power of our leaders in government and public offices.

In our laws and around the word, everybody is innocent until proven guilty, so we can say that Mr. Penner is innocent until the powers given to the Judiciary, its function, proves that Mr. Penner is guilty.

The Judiciary should be an unbiased institution working for justice in Belize. We are almost 33 years independent, yet the members of our Judiciary don’t have enough power.

To our eyes, Mr. Penner and many others were involved in the sale of our citizenship and passports to people who never set foot here in our great country.

It’s time for people to react and demand justice, not only for this isolated case of passport and citizenship sales but for many other things. We live in a democratic and free country, yet our own judiciary works only for those in power. The injustices seen in our country should compel not only a few to act and try to make things better, but it should be a united effort to bring down corruption in our country. Many people prefer to stay silent on these issues, but there is so much that we can bring forth.

Many Ministers of Government in this country pretend to be saints when they are unscrupulous leeches on society. These leeches drive in luxury vehicles spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in fuel, repairs and maintenance. Imagine the possibility if we could just budget and cut costs in fuel and spend more on the education of our youth, and in healthcare for all, in much need infrastructure.

Real infrastructure works are needed all around our country.

It’s also interesting how contracts are given; we are fooled into believing that it goes through a bidding process, but there are always leaks where one bidder has a favorable insider.

We need real transparency in Government. We are tired of Red and Blue domination, since it seems that both of them are just puppets of someone or something bigger than themselves.

I end with inviting the people who read this to become aware of the corruption in our Government offices, and to expose them.

Power to the poor, and not the wealthy!

David Swatsigga

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