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Proper training and discipline is the answer

Dear Editor,

A couple of years ago I was at a dance in Caye Caulker when two huge white guys got into a scuffle. A sturdy little cop half their size quickly moved in and handcuffed the aggressive one behind the back.

Fight done. No need to brutalize anybody, and I had to congratulate him.

Another time a cop in a similar incident hurriedly pulled out his baton and hit the guy with it, altering his victim’s facial features permanently.

Same type of incident, different reaction.

Methinks if our policemen were well-trained and disciplined, there would be no need to be brutalizing civilians.

Persons in police custody are the responsibility of GOB, and any unnecessary harm that befalls them is GOB’s liability.

Any suit against GOB is taxpayers’ money being squandered.

Many years ago a guy in Orange Walk was sent to prison for six months for acting as if he was going to hit a uniformed police officer with a pint bottle.

There should be much respect for persons wearing that uniform, but respect has to be earned, not beaten out. Police officers should be there “to serve and protect”, and not to behave as executioners.

I reiterate: proper training and discipline is the answer.

Romel Cuello

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