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Protected area sold for $2,000

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Feb. 22, 2021– On Monday, residents of the West Landivar community called on their area representative, Hon. Kareem Musa, to address a brewing situation in the Dolphin Park area. It involves the sale of a piece of a national public reserve to a company listed as Tek Multi-Service Limited, registered at #6259 Buttonwood Bay Blvd. The company has taken initial steps to start development in an area that has been traditionally used as an easement of access to the sea by residents in the surrounding area and has blocked the entrance to the easement. Reports are that the mangroves in the area were also damaged in the process.

The company was issued a title for the land located on block 16, parcel 5112 in the Caribbean Shores area, for a purchase price of just $2,000. This transaction was finalized in June of 2020, just months before the end of the UDP administration.

While addressing the media on Monday, Musa demanded that the boulders and lamppost erected in the area be immediately removed. He also indicated that in the near future they intend to overturn the sale of the land and to have the protected area returned to the Government for the use of citizens.

While answering questions posed by members of the media, Musa stated that prior to the work done by the company, he had lobbied to the Belize City Council in order to get material to buttress the marshy area. A short period after this work was done by the council, the work of the company began, after a “shocking” letter was sent to Musa informing him of the land’s new ownership.

“In the very least, short term, this must be removed. Immediately. And so the private landowner who has this, and I’m told that it is a company, Tek Multi-Service Limited. That company, Tek, need to ‘tek’ this down,” Musa said.

He also said that the concrete slabs used to block the boat path which was recently mended were removed from an old fence that had enclosed portions of Dolphin Park.

“According to the transfer of title form, the owners paid 2,000 Belize dollars for it — $2,000 for seafront property in a natural reserve!” Musa remarked.

In order to de-reserve any area, there must first be consultations, and the decision must be gazetted. Musa stated that this was not done prior to the sale of the property, and as a result, the entire transaction is riddled with illegalities.

On Friday, February 19, the attorney for the West Landivar Citizen Action Committee wrote a letter to the company informing them that they had illegally purchased the area. On Monday, February 22, the lawyers for the committee issued an updated statement directly listing the principals of the new company, Kenyon Flowers and Tiffany Cadle.

The release states, “We are informed that you have unlawfully purchased that subdivided portion of the National Public Reserve Dolphin Park which is prime seafront national land for the meager undervalued sum of $2,000.”

It added, “The de-reservation of the National Public Reserve Dolphin Park did not occur by the Ministry of Natural Resources”, and it further noted, “By law, there must be a 66-feet reserve left in the front of all seafront parcels. The said area is the 66-feet reserve which cannot be owned by a private individual.”

(Hon. Musa, while talking to the media, also mentioned that an investor had wanted to purchase and develop the area in 2007, but the residents stopped the project from taking place at the time. In that same year, the Dolphin Park was declared a National Public Reserve.)

The letter ends by demanding that the company cease its activities in the area or be subjected to further legal action.

A search at the Company Registry revealed that the company, Tek Multi-Service Limited, is in fact owned by directors/shareholders Kenyon L. Flowers and Tiffany M. Cadle, and a description of the company’s objectives indicates that they are involved in motor vehicle sales, real estate, and legal representation.

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