Letters — 09 March 2019
Keep protesting Guatemala’s bullying on the world stage

Dear Editor,

It amuses me, although it’s not amusing, when leaders of our country tell us that the leaders of Guatemala agreed to go to the ICJ because they want to save face by not dropping their claim to Belize willingly, but being ordered by the ICJ to do so.

Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales has publicly stated that Guatemala’s worst moment was when it lost Belize, but that there is still time to regain it.

Ex-President Serrano in a video has stated that he recognized Belize because he realized Belize is now a country, but that Guatemala still had a right to a piece of Belize. The claim was that they needed access to the Caribbean Sea.

They have that, so that excuse is obsolete.

Their elite use and enjoy our southern islands with or without our permission, as if it belongs to them. You don’t think they would like to have them declared Guatemalan territory?

I have much respect for our leaders, but they must realize things are not the same now as sixty years ago. This is the millennium of drones, iPhones, supercomputers, robots, etc. People’s senses of value are changing, and they are realizing that it is more about the planet than about the countries.

If Guatemala takes our territory by force, it loses international prestige, and we can always reclaim or regain it in the future, no matter how long it takes. If the ICJ grants it to them, then we lose it forever.

Belize is young, yet let us become more mature before we face Guatemala anywhere. We just have to keep protesting the bullying on the world stage.

Romel Cuello

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