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Pulu and O.J. big-up 16-year-old scholar athlete Kendall Morgan of Wesley College

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 15, 2020– With the easing of restrictions in the State of Emergency, a number of schools will be free to conduct graduation ceremonies that had previously been on hold. Among the bright young students who will be on center stage at their respective commencement exercises is one Kendall Morgan, a sixteen-year-old female student of Wesley College, who holds the distinction of not only being the top student academically, but also the best student athlete of her school; causing legendary basketballer and sports activist Clinton “Pulu” Lightburn to dub her G.O.A.T. at this stage of her young career. And politician O.J. Elrington also had a few words for the second consecutive recipient of the academic scholarship he has been awarding for the past 20 years to the most outstanding student athlete at his alma mater.

Here is what they had to say on Facebook about Kendall.

Pulu (June 15, 2020): G.O.A.T. 16-year-old Kendall Morgan, the greatest female scholar athlete I have ever known, is from Burrell Boom; and I am proud to say that she grew up in my yard!

Schools should not only have the valedictorian speak! But also the most outstanding athlete!

I spoke to her just a few days ago as she was heading into some bushes to go stay with one of her many sisters. I thought about doing a story on her, as I remember her growing up with no electricity or internet, and having to study on the bus going back to Boom after school, and that she should be the poster child for not only poor students, but all students.
I asked her if she was still wearing a size 8 1/2 tennis, and she replied that she was now wearing a size 9 for comfort. She made me smile. I also took the size of her shorts and her top. And as usual, I asked her if she was still “running things” at Wesley College. The answer was, “Same ting!” (1. Track & Field – Back-to-back Nationals Most Outstanding Athlete. 2. Football – Best High School Sweeper; “Not’n no pass me.” 3. Softball – “Weh position u play?” “I play all positions, but a da di best shortstop.” 4. And last but not least: She came in first again (in her class).

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Kendall Morgan, the valedictorian for Wesley College 2020.

This most outstanding national treasure must have nothing less than an international scholarship!!!

In the meantime, let those of us who have a little bit more than a little, shower her with gifts – size 9 tennis, size medium tops and bottoms, and even a few envelopes – Life haad out yah!

I suggest that you send gifts to Wesley College, O.J. or Karen Baptist, c/o Burrell Boom Chairlady.

Come on, Belize! Let’s do it! G.O.A.T. from grass to…..

O.J. (June 12, 2020): Since graduating high school over 20 years ago, I do all in my power to give back to my alma mater, Wesley College, and my community. Among other initiatives, yearly, I give an academic scholarship to The Most Outstanding Student Athlete at Wesley College.

Yesterday, a bright young lady, Kendall Morgan, for the second year in a row, has received the award.

Join me in saying congratulations to Kendall, who is also the valedictorian of the Wesley class of 2020.

Kendall Morgan, we are proud of you!

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