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More Queen of the Bay fallout

Sometimes you just have to fold your arms and shake your head. Now who was the responsible person who decided that Miss Estereo Amor should make a grand entrance at the crowning of the Queen of the Bay? Sure, the young lady is beautiful—and she must have charm and style and class too, to win that prize. But this show was for the beautiful young ladies who vied for the title, Queen of the Bay.

The story here is PRECEDENT. Belize will grow. What happens if the organizers of other beauty contests decide to parade their queen too?

Now, to this gentleman who reportedly said that no Mestizo girl can be his queen—Hn! And it wasn’t this man’s show ataal. He was there as a judge. He was supposed to follow the company’s rules and he, it is reported, did his own thing.

The story around is that the guy is a Charles Atlas, a bodybuilder type who appears now and then on Love FM’s morning show. You’ll never catch me around a muscles parade. If what they say is true, this guy should apologize for causing problems among the womenfolk. Damned narcissistic bodybuilder males…he had no right to shub een his personal tastes, where it wasn’t asked for.

Outside of failing to do what they asked him to do, I wouldn’t go so hard on him though. If a man isn’t bowled over by females from a certain race, that doesn’t make him a racist. Sparrow’s “Rake an Scrape” didn’t care if she fat or thin, short or tall, black, brown, white, red, yellow. But some males have narrow tastes.

Heck, there are men who prefer—males! I am not making things up. Some of our brothers, they flat out aren’t interested in the breed. It’s true; some males go “yuck” when they sight female flesh. We don’t hear anyone calling them—woman haters.

Life, it has so many twists to it. Some people live for rejection. It hurts, but some of these women have more feelings for those scornful brutes than they have for you and me, Braa. Really, I think if someone doesn’t like you, you shouldn’t waste breath on them.

Belize has to be open about the race thing. We have to discuss matters. Be wary of anyone who doesn’t have anything fu seh. They might be naïve. Or they might have hang-ups.

We need to talk to this person from the Kriol tribe who doesn’t want a Mestizo queen. It’s important to know what makes him tick. Is it because he doesn’t like that tribe? Is it because a female from that tribe didn’t like him? Is this story coming out of the Queen of the Bay a complete mix-up, mix-up?

We also need to talk to the former PSU Prez, Eldred Neal. The reports are that he has a race beef with the Garinagu. What’s that all about? Here’s an interesting fact. There was a time when the white ancestors of the Kriols passed a law that Garinagu had to leave Belize City proper before sunset. But Eldred Neal’s phenotype says he doesn’t have many white antecedents. At the time when the Garinagu had to leave Belize City by sundown, black people in Belize were slaves. You can pick your poison.

We can become a truly beautiful nation. But we have to work at it. We have to be respectful when we say things. But things haffu seh.

You know the church has got to go
The Belizean Stanislaus must know that our 13th senator senate won’t work, hence his making the call again for an elected senate. It is not an idea to sneeze at, this matter of an elected senate where a major qualification is that one has attained the age of sixty-five. But proponents of the elected senate should give the 13th senator senate a chance.

Unfortunately, if the church doesn’t get out quick, we’ll have to skip this. Sannan, they are a mole in our plantain walk. By the way, has Barrow built their prayer gallery at the KHMH yet?

Why point fingers. Church in the senate is Parliamentary System. Maybe we all thought it a great idea. It isn’t. In Belize it is a dud. It is cow eena horse gallup. Put aside the play-play vote, everybody an ih granny know that on a consequential vote the church senator will side with the government.

This group is flat out not qualified for the job. Far, far too many of their leaders don’t have sufficient knowledge of the world, past and present, to serve in the senate. Reading the Bible only qualifies you to serve in the church. Jesus’ message was clear about that. He did not interfere in the running of governments; His business was guiding souls.

There’s a whole lot of confusion in their voice. Some religious folk celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday, some on Saturday, some on Friday, and some celebrate no Sabbath at all. Five years the homosexual group will have license to the closet, and five years the door will be closed. Five years we can drink wine, and five years there will be prohibition.

There is too much discrimination in religion. A constitutionalist would take them to court. Can you see a Muslim or a Bahái representing them? That can happen only if another leader, a Barrow, comes along and manipulates things. Hmm, if that Barrow controls the history books he will go down as a master politician, one who knew how to win elections, like his idol, Price.

The unions belong; the business people belong; the environmentalists, except for a little problem, belong; and the primary producers (associations that represent farmers, fisherfolk, manufacturers), the group that ought to have the seat, will belong.

It would be wise for the churches to back out now. People, teachers mostly, put their jobs on the line for us to get a meaningful senate. This isn’t about peace; it is about war. The business of the people is war—war on poverty, war on corruption, war on ignorance, war on party before country, war, war, war.

The church is in a big overreach. They are some of our best citizens, and they are well loved by many, but they are out of place here. Someone has to remind them that they are just human beings. They are not God and they are not Jesus Christ. There’s going to be a backlash if they don’t back off.

Pagans in our community will start forming churches. They will sound as hollow as some of these mega rich American pastors, but what the heck, it will be for a better cause. These new pastors will fight to get their choice as senator. First thing that senator will do when they get on the senate floor is call the other 12 senators for a vote to remove the church senator, and replace with a representative for primary producers. The ones representing the government will want to vote no; they will want to keep a soft thing. But when they think on it, when they realize the new church senator comes with fire in their eyes to effect meaningful change, they will capitulate and vote for the replacement senator.

The vote will be unanimous. The church senator will be gone, booted out. But the people won’t forget how they failed to do the right thing.

This NGO problem, this seat must be solely environment territory, or the rest of us will have to form NGOs too. Gay rights and children’s rights are matters for the H of R. Too many leaders in Belize too busy frustrating the people. Mercy, we have enough problems already.

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