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Rafael Usher, 27, dies 1 month after gun attack

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sep. 4, 2019–Rafael Usher, 27, of Arlington Drive, lost the fight for his life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital at about 9:00 yesterday morning due to complications resulting from gunshot injuries to the chest and abdomen (he had also been shot in the thigh and buttocks).

His mother, Desiree Flowers Usher, said doctors told her that his kidney, spleen, and pancreas were damaged and had been rendered useless, and that he also suffered many other internal injuries. Usher’s mother said he underwent five major surgeries, and that she believes that the doctors did what they could to help him, but the multiple injuries from the bullets were too severe.

She explained that her son couldn’t sleep alone and someone had to be beside him to keep slapping his chest to increase his blood circulation, to prevent him from suffocating. She said he was put on life support yesterday morning, and he told her that the pain was great and unbearable. She said she encouraged him and told him to pray, and shortly after she left him, she was called and told that he had passed away.

Rafael Usher died approximately a month after he was shot multiple times by a gunman while he was walking to his home at about 7:30 on the night of Wednesday, July 31.

Usher’s father, Donald “Danny” Usher, said that his son had been released from jail on a gun possession charge, and a condition of the parole was that he was to go to the Raccoon Street Police Station to sign in. He had gone to sign in and was going home when he met up with a lifelong friend who stopped at 88 Shopping Center, leaving him standing outside.

Rafael then began to walk toward home and along the way, two men drove by on a motorcycle and stopped just ahead of him. One of the men got off the motorbike and fired the shots that would take his life.

After shooting Rafael, the man got back on the motorcycle and the pair drove away.

Police said their investigation into the shooting led to a man who was detained on three occasions, but he was released each time due to insufficient evidence.
Rafael Usher’s mother said that she wants justice because her son knew who shot him, and before he passed, he gave the name to police, and his statement was witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.

Usher’s father believes that it was a set up that got his son killed, and that he died for nothing. He said his son’s friend was believed to have stolen a motorcycle, which he had disposed of, and he did not tell Rafael what he had done.

The owner of the motorcycle began to look for the person who stole his property, and the person was seen by 88 Shopping Center, with Rafael. When the men who were out for revenge arrived at 88 Shopping Center, they did not find the person they wanted, so they cold-bloodedly shot Rafael, who was not far away, walking slowly toward his home.

Usher’s devastated mother said that he was very helpful at home, that when he came home at night, he would bring food and would wake her up to share it with her. The grief-stricken mother said that she misses her son greatly, and wants justice.

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