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Home Letters Re: Father Scott Giuliani SOLT’s article of Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Re: Father Scott Giuliani SOLT’s article of Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Dear Editor,

Like the creole say: “Dis ya man mash mih kaan.” I am a Maya and damn proud of it. Where does this Scott fellow get off saying “or we may justifiably speak of the human sacrifices and tribal warfare of the Maya”?

Yes, we Maya did have human sacrifices and we were a war-faring people, but we were also one of the most advanced races in  earth’s history. Look at our majestic temples, our history of trade, agriculture systems, our education systems, and our sports history. Yes, we had many gods, but we believed in a Supreme Power.

What this Scott fellow does not say in his ramblings is the number of people that the Roman Catholic Church killed in their Inquisition period. The thousands upon thousands that were killed, sacrificed and tortured in the name of God.

And when we talk about sacrifice nobody beats the Roman Catholics in finding the most perverse ways to kill a human being. Nailed upside down to a cross, devoured by lions, burnt to death, ripped apart. Yes, these guys were masters of death and destruction.

Then he goes on:  “Christianity has historically been a faith that unites diverse people with a common vision and hope.”

Yeah right — no wonder we now have so many different religious sects, and most of them not getting along with one another and in some cases actually killing each other in the name of God.

This Scott fellow tends to repeat himself over and over again, as if we the readers are a bunch of morons.

He rambles on about “eliminating God from this and that”. Nobody’s eliminating God from anything. Me thinks that he got p—— off at the words “Maya Grandeur”.

Hey, Mon! The Mayas were a great civilization when you people were just coming out of the Stone Age! We invented the Perfect Calendar!
Deal with it!

Elogio Itzab
San Narciso Village
Corozal District
5th September, 2019

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