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Home General Road collisions on the Philip Goldson Highway in Ladyville and Corozal

Road collisions on the Philip Goldson Highway in Ladyville and Corozal

Two road traffic accidents occurred yesterday, Sunday. The incidents occurred about ten minutes apart.

Police reports are that at about 5:20 yesterday evening, Elidoro Gutierrez, 68, a laborer of Libertad, Corozal District, was riding his bicycle between Miles 76 and 77 on the Philip Goldson Highway, when he was knocked down by a pickup truck travelling in the same direction, from Orange Walk to Corozal. Gutierrez complained of pain in his back. He was taken to the Corozal Hospital, and later to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for further medical treatment, and he is now recovering in a serious but stable condition.

On their arrival on the scene, police saw Gutierrez lying injured on the road on top of his blue beach cruiser bicycle. On the left side of the highway about 5 feet away from where Gutierrez was lying on the road, was a parked 4 -door Toyota Hilux pickup truck with L/P BZE-C-1814, which had a broken front grill. The driver was Yu Ming Chuang, 57, a Belizean businessman of Belmopan.

Yu Ming told police that he was travelling to Corozal and when he reached between Miles 76 and 77, a man who was riding a bicycle on the side of the road, later identified as Elidoro Gutierrez, suddenly took a left turn across the highway.

Yu Ming told police that he braked and swerved, but still hit the cyclist, throwing him onto the pavement.

Police said that Yu Ming has been served with a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

Another incident was reported by Ladyville police, who said that at about 5:50 Sunday evening, they responded to a report of a road traffic accident that occurred between Miles 9 and 10 on the Philip Goldson Highway. When they arrived at the scene they saw a grey Ford Escape with license plate OW-C-18699 and a green Altima car bearing license plates BZE-C-35357 on the right hand side off the road, facing north.

Karen Garcia, 25, a teacher of Orange Walk Town, was driving the Ford Escape, and with her were Jenny Cantun, 31, a tour guide of Orange Walk, and two minors, 7 and 10. Garcia had been travelling from Orange Walk to Belize City.

Tyrone Vaccaro, 29, of Sandhill, was the driver of the Altima and he was travelling from the city to Sandhill when the collision with the Ford Escape, between Miles 9 and 10, occurred. Both vehicles were extensively damaged. Karen Garcia suffered injury to the left ankle, and Tyrone Vaccaro complained of pain in his head.

The three other passengers in the Ford Escape were not hurt.

Police have begun an investigation into the traffic accident.

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