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Romel says no to opening the PGIA and the schools

Dear Editor,
We are in the middle of a full-blown, planet-wide pandemic, with all the First World countries hurriedly looking for a vaccine for this virus.

Here in little Belize, we have been blessed that it has not hit us hard, but it is still ravaging most countries around us like wildfire. There is as yet no treatment, cure or vaccine for this invisible monster.

But yet, GOB wants to open the airport and the schools, both feasting grounds for the virus.

Of course, we need to make money and educate our people, but methinks that health trumps money in any and every way.

Food is also more important than money. GOB can lease arable land to groups of farmers who can work together and produce vegetables, which are so darnn expensive in Belize that our diet of wheat bread and rice & beans is causing many of our people to become diabetics.

There should be no need for the importation of agricultural products. I don’t really know how GOB assists the farmers now, but the old system of farm demonstrators was a good one. Seems to me like nowadays, all they do is regulate.

We might not be able to export our products, but at least we can feed ourselves, and save lots of foreign exchange at the same time.

I do not believe we should risk our children’s health, either. A year out of school is a big loss for the future, but losing health is much worse. Find alternative schooling. This is the age of technology. Adapt.

Our country should stay closed at least until a treatment, cure or vaccine is found, whichever comes first, but do not invite the virus in before.

I vote no to both the opening of the PGIA and the schools.

Romel Cuello

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