Letters — 28 August 2019
Russell E. Czarnecki – put down the rum bottle!

Dear Editor,

It was after reading Audrey Matura’s column in the August 24 edition of the Amandala that I was reminded of why I had permanently left Belize after living in the country for seven years.

My revulsion over just how corrupt the government is in “The Jewel” — and it’s even gotten worse since I left — made untenable any thought of prolonging my stay.

The shamelessness and greed of all those who are part of the government – -led by the arrogant Dean Barrow — truly boggles the mind!

Although their crimes are large, these are small-spirited and self-centered men who care nothing about the citizens they were elected and appointed to serve. Preening and pretentious with their gold watches and expensive suits, while much of the population has to get by on Ramen Noodles, these men have come to believe that they are anointed and above the law — “special” people who find it easy to bamboozle a population that does not have the education, sophistication or exposure to understand even the simplest things that require analysis.

Belizeans, you had better put down the rum bottle and get smart in a hurry while you still have a country left. The only time is here and now.

With best regards,
Russell E. Czarnecki

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