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Russian missiles more powerful than reported

FeaturesRussian missiles more powerful than reported

It seems as if the Russia/Ukraine conflict will take longer than was anticipated by the western world. According to different mediums of communication, the NATO countries will supply the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, with the most modern high-tech weaponry to defend his country against Russia. One thing is what is said, and another is when it really takes place. However, if such weapons reach the hands of someone from the Ukraine army and they make the mistake of attacking the country of Russia, then that is when we are going to experience a Third World War, a nuclear one, which will affect the world on a whole. There are all kinds of things that are taking place which are not known to the general public, since it also seems that Taiwan is preparing themselves should an invasion take place. Something similar to how it had happened previous to the Ukraine war. However, permit me to share with you, our dear readers of this column, the following opinion of the American Chris Sanders that was published  on May 28, 2022 on the American News Network’s YouTube page. It is entitled “Russian Missile Tests Zircon, Iskandar, Poseidon, Caliber all faster, more powerful than reported“. It is as follows:

American News Network and I thank you for joining me today. I’m going to go over some military analysis. In fact, over the missiles that Putin has been shooting, and in fact, there’s some scary stuff going on. Scary, meaning, what if I told you that everything is faster? Everything is stronger. Everything is more scary than how you reported it. Behind me, here is the Iskandar missile. Originally, he was saying that the Iskandar was, you know, a sub missile that is 24 feet long, three feet in diameter, but it can go 4,525 miles per hour. Originally, we were thinking this thing went about 2,500 miles per hour. Now, it has an accuracy of 10 meters. Meaning, it can hit a target within 10 meters. What I think Putin is actually doing, and, please pay attention, is he’s perfecting the accuracy of all of his arsenal and he’s using Ukraine as a testing ground.

I could go over every single thing he’s doing, and that should put Europe on very high alert, especially with the Iskandar dismissal. Very easy to around, it can move it in any semi truck, pull it out, and boom. In fact, four of these can fit in a semi truck. Just a 53-foot trailer. Pull it out and immediately, there you go, and how easily could he move all these all around Europe? That’s the question. So, there’s over 20 different payloads that he has that he could put on the Iskandar. He’s putting the weakest one on all of them, and you’re going to learn that Zelensky, because of this and, him using it last night, is already talking about surrendering, and that’s because last night he blew up all of his reserve troops while they were sleeping in their barracks.

Now I know you think that’s evil. But that’s exactly what we did with the Republican Guard in Desert Storm when we were fighting Saddam Hussein. And we didn’t use the mechanized cable. We used the mechanized cavalry. They went in and cluster-bombed them. And that’s how we won the war. Well, Putin just did the same thing with this Iskandar missile. That’s not half of it. The other thing is that, remember the Poseidon, it was told to the whole world for years that it was a 100-megaton cobalt wave nuclear torpedo. Turns out it’s 200 megatons, okay? This Iskandar was supposed to be 310 miles maximum range. 500-mile range. In other words, everything is faster. Everything is stronger than what he claimed. And the Iskandar, not only is it going 4,525 miles per hour, but it is highly maneuverable, so we can’t even shoot it out of the sky as it’s coming to us. Now, you gotta think about how long does that take? Well, it takes about six seconds for you to meet your doom from pushing the button to it hitting the target. Now, with the 310-mile range, this puts all of the Ukraine on high alert, because from the north, he can attack everything through Belarus and through the ocean and through Russia; he can attack the entire country just with this one missile.

Next missile, I’m going to bring that he just tested is now the fastest missile ever tested. And it is the Zircon. And this has stunned the world. Now, how are we tracking these and knowing that he’s lied about the speed of his missiles through satellite? And so, through satellite, what we thought was a 4 Mach, 5 Mach, then we tracked it going 8 Mach. Now, it’s looking from just yesterday, going to Mach 9. It has what’s called a plasma cloud that surrounds it, and it’s again highly maneuverable. So, he test-fired this just yesterday from the Gorbachev, and his hypersonic Zircon cruise missile is now the fastest thing. You can see it going right here [Video clip shown]. And it’s a scary sight. But the thing is, they shot it out of the same porch that they were shooting their caliber missile out of, which basically means it’s kind of like how the Americans use the sidewinders. They can be shot out of everything now. Okay. So it’s highly maneuverable. We thought it had a 500-kilometer range, but we just saw it go 1,000 kilometers. Again, it doubled what they claimed. Two stage uses: fuel first, then scram jet.

Now why am I bringing all this up to the American public and to the world? The reason why I’m bringing it up is if he said this missile goes Mach 4 but it goes Mach 9. If he said that Poseidon was 100 megatons, now it’s 200 megatons. Well keep in mind, he said he had 5,500 nuclear bombs, missiles. Is that figure really eleven thousand, 12,000? Because that’s the picture I’m getting. Most countries try to lie and say that they’re stronger than they really are. But in this case, Putin’s lying, and he’s really stronger than he’s saying he is. If you get on YouTube and you just type in Ukraine or Putin, they show out Putin. He’s losing the war. When guess what? He’s not losing in any type of way at all. But he’s not losing in any way. And now he just released the flying Chernobyl. That’s another one. And that’s like a jet that then goes off in  several other missiles to hit us over here.

But the thing that’s scary about him calling it the Chernobyl is because “Chernobyl” means wormwood in the Bible. In Isaiah, it said Chernobyl would fall from the sky like a lightning torch. And infect one third of the waters of the world. That’s what he called it. And now we have a nuclear missile named Chernobyl. Now this makes everything more Biblical and more scary. Because now we have a missile named Chernobyl. Which means wormwood in the Bible. And in the Bible it says in Revelation that a fiery torch would fall from the sky. Turning a third of the world bitter. Could this be it? Now, when I saw that name, it made shivers go through my spine, and all I want to say is this war in Ukraine is so not worth it. We need to join each other as defenders of the Constitution, defenders of the United States Constitution.

Anyways, that’s the report for the day. I want you to know that the Ukrainian forces were in fact hit in the middle of the night And they were killed in their sleep. And the very next morning Zelensky talked about surrendering. And that is today. We’ll see what happens. Because we’re not getting the real report. And that’s why I’m reporting to you. Chris Sanders. Major News Network Online. American News Network on Facebook. God bless.

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June 4, 2022

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