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So far and so close (PART 2)

The following is PART 2 of an analysis done by Hector Javier Sanchez on Mirada Critical which was published two weeks ago on Youtube by Rompeviento TV. I find it to be of much interest and would like to share with you, our dear readers of this column:

Also another of the presidents who was highly contested was Miguel Díaz Canel. We are talking about the President of Cuba who was questioned by the President of Uruguay; we are talking about Luis Lacalle and also the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo. Let us remember that the presence of Miguel Díaz Canel was simply applauded on the one hand and, on the other hand, obviously criticized by those who do not welcome the government of Cuba, who accuse him of being a repressor, a human rights violator, etc., but also by this sector. This obviously explains a large part of the Cuban situation because of the 62-year-old blockade imposed by the main power that unfortunately represents the United States and we know that they took away their dictator whom they liked very much, they took down several businesses, several things and then from there they won the enmity, due to the Cuban Revolution, of the US government.

In fact, for example, President Mario Abdo Benítez of Paraguay said: “My presence at this summit in no sense represents recognition of the government of Mr. Nicolás Maduro,” and I think it is gentlemanly to say it head-on, well at least that is what was said. Another of those who was there, as we would say here in our country, is the president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle, who has studied everything and President López Obrador also went almost to the jugular and told him that participating in this forum does not mean being complacent. He said: “Mr. President, with all due respect, when one sees that in certain countries there are no democracies, when the repressive apparatus is used by power to silence protests, when opponents are imprisoned, we must say that we view with concern what is happening in Cuba and Nicaragua and in Venezuela.” And Luis Lacalle also questioned the violation of human rights, repression and the lack of democracy and balance of powers precisely that occurred in Venezuela. Interesting, but look, it is even more curious that it was only picked up by one of the editorialists of the Universal. I am referring to Salvador García Soto, where we are more chronicled than days before President Lacalle came to Mexico. I am not saying that he is from the street, I am talking about his surname, and that is to say those from Paraguay, were visited in their respective countries by Mauricio Claver-Carone.

Perhaps that name does not sound familiar to them, nor did it sincerely sound familiar to me, but it turns out that he is the president of the Inter-American Development Bank and is a very close former collaborator of Donald Trump, openly anti-Cuba, well not anti-Cuba, anti — let’s say — Fidel Castro, anti-Cuban revolution and anti-Venezuela, anti-Chavista, let’s say it. Also, according to these chronicles Mauricio Claver made commitments of support and financing for those countries. I am talking about Uruguay, Paraguay by the Inter-American Bank, of course, operated from the Organization of American States. That is to say, from the disastrous OAS. That is to say, it seems that some presidents came more around ambassadors from the United States and the OAS representing their own countries, currently against the bloc that posed the representation of precisely this Organization of American States, among them Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, and we can also cite Bolivia. The strange thing, and this was said by a Peruvian analyst who pointed out that the Peruvian president had come here in Mexico but that from here he was going to go to Washington, where he supposedly had a meeting precisely at the OAS. Yesterday and today I was looking for access to that aspect and I did not find anything. Whether it was held or not, that meeting represented Peru and Luis Almagro there at the OAS.

By the way, Nicolás Maduro answered some of the solutions that the aforementioned presidents made. Maduro, among other things, said that the CELAC will seek to build itself on a common doctrine without exclusions. We deeply believe in the dialogue of various people, and I say to the president of Paraguay, put the date, place and time for a debate on democracy and also he invited those present to go and observe the mega election that is going to close in Venezuela on November 21 with Maduro. Go and see the dictator Maduro as he calls election number 29. Now that we are talking precisely about the OAS, one of the things that were being mentioned the most about the realization of this event that the intention that had even manifested was to disappear the OAS and the creation of a new regional body, or the strengthening of the CELAC from a more social point of view because, according to Foreign Minister Marcelo Abda, later, if it was not achieved on this occasion, a document on the matter will be presented.

(To Be Continued)
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October 10, 2021
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