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Thanks, Colin bh

Editor Sir,

I read with interest, the thought-provoking comments that were made in Colin bh’s corner under the caption “Questions about that reform” and “Watch yuh bak, Jerry.”

First, let me extend my gratitude to Colin for sharing his perspectives. Indeed it is important that we all continue to raise awareness on critical issues that our nation faces. Awareness is the seed from which change germinates.

The column, “Watch yuh bak, Jerry” made an assertion that I could “only find two women leaders in Belize who fit the bill as game changers for the women, and men and children of Belize.”

While Colin bh has a unique style of broadening the discussion and teasing out responses, such an assertion could be misleading to those who might not have read the referred article, “Belizean women must find new ways to push open the door to political office.” (See Amandala, Sunday May 18, 2014, pg. 26)

That article was meant to encourage growth of leadership among women who are not yet in elected office but who have that interest. The article also argued that if women really want to become elected, they ought to first establish their leadership outside the political party system. They can do this by nurturing genuine relations through community groups, churches, advocacy groups, etc.

This paradigm shift might also include fighting with, for and on behalf of the people in matters relating to their development. The key is not to wait for the political parties, but to gain the trust of the people and build a strong base. Authentic, effective leaders will shine forth in their own right above party politics and across party lines because they are deeply rooted in the pursuit of the people’s interests and well-being.

It is in that context that the article mentioned those examples. No disrespect at all meant to those women already serving in political office.

Regarding the other point Colin bh’s corner mentioned about the unions and “teechaz”, it is left to be seen how they will respond to the commitments they made to the Belizean public and to pressing issues, e.g. oil drilling, BGYEA, rosewood scandal, evasive immigration scandal, mega tourism resorts near fragile ecosystems and other issues. Hopefully, there will be some love from the union leaders (rather than the “no love” Colin bh anticipates) to assure that they still “gat yuh bak.” Belize needs their input.

‘Nuff respect to Colin bh. In raising those points, he provided an opportunity for further clarification.

“May all our endeavors tend to peace, social justice, liberty, national happiness, the increase of industry, sobriety and useful knowledge.”

Jerry A. Enriquez

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