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PWLB officially launched

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Albert Vaughan, new City Administrator

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The ceding of our country!

FeaturesThe ceding of our country!

Monday, March 25, 2024 at 12:33 PM

It is becoming more and more obvious, to me at least, that the Government of Belize is not interested in staving off the incursions inside our own territory! That the ICJ ruling won’t be necessary to define our sovereignty and our boundaries. They, the Guats, have farms and cattle ranches; they build roads and bridges without nary a whisper from Belmopan. The minister in charge says that we are lacking the resources to keep up with the illegal activities of our neighbor to the west! In the meantime, we are considering sending security forces to Haiti, who deeply need all the help they can get. But how can you decide to help others when you cannot even defend your own borders?

I know that some might be tired of me bringing up this subject, over and over, but for goodness sake, when will we man-up and start defending and protecting what is ours, and no old treaty can change that fact. These people obviously don’t respect us or our will to fight back. The fact is, they don’t believe they’re doing any wrong; after all, they’re taught from childhood that “Belice es nuestro”! To them we are the trespassers, not them. So, they come with their equipment and arms and impunity and do whatever they feel like. They mine our minerals; they cut down our mahogany and other priceless vegetation; they hunt our protected animals and birds, and again, our exotic plants. Bear in mind that a Belizean cannot do that; it’s against the law! What the f___ is going on here?

Instead of taking the police and military inside those enclaves, tearing down any construction, seizing the animals and crops, destroying those farms and ranches and arresting every single one of these invaders, letting them know that we will not sit idly by while our sovereignty is being desecrated, the minister says we don’t have the resources! So, they have a free pass to do whatever in the Jewel, and we are like the cuckold husband that just allows the lover to live in the house with them? No, man! Dis no mek no sense. If we were at the Alamo, we’d have just invited Santa Ana in, taking the path of least resistance.

This Government has been reaffirmed by the voters in the recent elections that it still enjoys their confidence and support. Do not squander that support by not protecting the Jewel, by any means necessary. Maybe you can reassign all these police that abuse our citizens every day to go abuse the invaders instead. I don’t care if you have to borrow money to find the resources to stop this. Maybe they can import the gangs from Haiti and let them loose in the Chiquibul and the Sarstoon! Maybe they can hire mercenaries to do the job, since it seems that the BDF is not up to it!

We are not fighting some army; we can no longer allow Guatemala to disrespect us the way they are doing right now. We are up against poachers and opportunists that see a gold mine, and are taking advantage of it while we sleepwalk through the ceding of our territory!

This cannot stand, should not stand! It appears that the BTV is more committed to saving us from this rolling invasion than our elected Government, who does absolutely nothing to stymie this flow, this cancer, that is eating out the heart of our, oh so very special, ecological system!

Do something, dammit!


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PWLB officially launched

Albert Vaughan, new City Administrator

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