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The greatness of the fabled RedACB

FeaturesThe greatness of the fabled RedACB

Oh, those desperate days of yore. Wait, it’s just 12 plus years ago — could it be such a short time back that multiple balls were in the air and all over the place, and the worst skullduggery mi di blow over like lee breeze, and seven of Said’s prized Ministers couldn’t shake the love he had for one, Ralph Fonseca, the Minister of Italian projects who had businesses going all the way to Montevideo and who had a midnight vesting bill handover of the golden share? Ah Ralph, he had such grand ideas to turn every living room in our country into a factory and, according to Avery and Ambrose and Ashcroft, to help facilitate a retirement plan for the select big boys.

The Reds, their solution to rampant corruption in da Blue Gang, their solution in the fight to save Belize from the PUP, was a call for civil disobedience, and the support came from all over, to block bridges, cut telephone wires, and to blackout Belize. Then the UDP sent their most notorious soldiers to break up the steps at Independence Hill, and that was a bad mistake because George Price was still alive. Those UDP bohgaz, they have any idea how much the PUP sacrificed to build Belmopan? How would the UDP feel if the disgruntled among us put mud in the water in the multi-colored fountain, or run a bulldozer through their greatest prizes, all those three-legged roundabouts?

But maybe we should never mind the collateral damage because the PUPeez were entrenched, cemented into our highest office as firmly as the queen conch is to its shell, and you know to remove the mollusk the only way is to get rough. The PUP were set once again to rule forever, longer than Dean Barrow, longer than the bad old days of George Price. That’s how it looked even when the valiant unions joined the fray, and then, and then, the great champions RedACB rose up and there we were reminded dat evri bully gat ih kecha.

Who can ever forget their names, this great bunch of Belizeans who were so concerned for our future that they formed an association and put the bell on the greedy blue cats that were running off with every asset the people had, even the ones that were bolted down?

The inglorious RedACB, and now the BlueACB

There is a new ACB on the block, call them the BlueACB, and the word making the rounds is that there is unhappiness in the UDP camp because they are jukking the UDP with the same knife the RedACB used to stick in the back of the PUP. Words to refute are not enough: they are talking sue. That might have worked if AG Pere wasn’t still sitting on the cyber bill that could prevent shameless spurned male lovers from their despicable malicious revenge.

The BlueACB is just as tenacious as the old when it comes to rooting out the evil in our political leaders, but unlike the Red ACB, which proved to be as false as the UDP promise to root out corruption, these new ones are doing it for free. Psst, I said the RedACB were proven false, but I won’t call their names because my New Year’s resolution is to bend over, not literally, to kip the peace.

I have the proof, and if you cared to look you’d find the evidence too because it is out in the broad day. Do you see any names claiming fame for the heroics of the BlueACB? No, and that’s because they are purely altruistic; no, no, they are not looking for any big jobs when the UDP gets the heave ho. If they wanted that they would surely have affixed their names to the cause.

I’m glad we don’t know the names of the BlueACB, because then they would be a carbon copy of the RedACB. When the PUP wins they would be hogging all the big jobs –and the hardworking Vaughan Gill and Wendy at Vibes, and Robert Joe Reid at fb, would get stake out. My gudnis, the curtain never drap gud on the Blue and raise up all the way for the Reds before most of the RedACB were at the fore for the choicest plums.

Bah, we can’t rule out the possibility of fear, fear because there’s no telling about this UDP and their contamination with the vindictive gene. If it’s fear that has the BlueACB undercover, then the points I gave them we have to take back, and we’ll shed no tears over their not making any gains when the victorious PUP is divvying up the spoils because they cowardly dodged the pain.

John jos like Patrick

The story is that these two brothers are very good friends, and if their deeds don’t echo that, their words do, and some of their thoughts, thinking processes too. Patrick ingloriously copied from Finnegan’s shameful book with the story that the poor politicians in power are corrupt because we make them so, and now John shockingly told Love FM on Tuesday morning that “sin da sin”. To borrow from Eamon, talk about nonsense on stilts. And it’s sacrilege too!

I don’t want to pile it on John, but a statement like that cannot be allowed to go without a flogging because if you let a lie, lie, it could take root and wala — we end up with a society where people can’t or won’t face the truth.

Ms. Aria Lightfoot said John was an altar boy, so his sin is even worse. Common sense tells you that all sins are not equal; if you have been brainwashed into lumping sins, check the Catholic Church. When we are prepared for First Communion, we are taught about the different sins, the ones that are venial, meaning one trip to the confessional and a little penance and yu gone clear, and the mortal ones, which are those that call for a lifetime of penance if yu want to escape hell.

Bah, you know what this “sin da sin” is about: that’s what people say when they are trying to drag you down with them. A man must face his sins. We face our sins and we never blame anyone else for our failures. The UDP really must stop their justification game and face the truth. It is bad to teach our children wrong things.

Corona virus is a very tough disease

Is the Ministry of Health too low key for the times? We have to think about these things. Hey, there is strength and weakness in everything; it all has to do with the time. You better believe there is a time to go into controlled panic mode. Most likely that time isn’t now, but we must be aware that no management style fits every situation. We have a right to ask questions. We should ask questions when we don’t know the answers.

There are two serious diseases staring us down — dengue and the corona virus, and we have to be at our very best to keep the blow down to a minimum. We shouldn’t underestimate dengue. It is a debilitating disease and it is critical to protect our young people because a second bout with dengue is usually more severe. The experts say a second bout with dengue could lead to hemorrhagic fever and internal bleeding.

Of course we don’t want our elders to get dengue, but the young have more exposure because their lives are before them. The stress on a young person who has caught dengue must be immense, especially during the rainy season when the chance of falling victim a second time is increased. We need a full mobilization to contain this disease. The children in the schools should be competing in science quizzes and art contests and writing contests, all with a focus to improve our response to contain dengue.

This corona virus is a serious disease. Dr. Russell Manzanero, the National Epidemiologist in the Ministry of Health, told 7News that there have been over 900 deaths in our country related to the flu in the last decade, and that around a thousand people end up in the hospital because of the flu each year. That tells us that less than 1% of us die because of the flu each year, and the rate could be far less. A report on Al Jazeera on Tuesday said that 1,868 people are dead because of the corona virus, and 72,436 persons have been infected. That’s a death rate of about 2.6%.

Whenever you hear of doctors and nurses dying because of a contagious disease, as happened during cholera epidemics, and as happens when there is an Ebola outbreak, you know that’s trouble. A flu-like disease is hard to stop.

Dr. Marvin Manzanero, the Director of Health Services, said it is a matter of “when” the virus will reach Belize, not “if.” This is no time for our experts to get tochiz. Doctors are sophisticated people, they associate with global giants, and we have to keep them grounded to our local situation. That “when” has to be delayed as much as possible, and when “when” comes our MoH should have all our facilities well prepared. We know that the hospital is the worst place to be when a contagious disease like the flu is about. Are we buying big tents to keep our children and babies separated from adults?

The natural break for these viruses is hot weather, but there are many Belizeans who are now spending their dry season days in air-conditioned rooms. The experts say it is rare for air conditioners to spread viruses, but an unclean air conditioner will spread bacteria and other germs that will make us sick, and in our weakened conditions the flu and corona viruses have more damaging effects on our bodies.

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