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Toledo Union Field now Victor Sanchez Union Field

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Oct. 6, 2016–According to information we received today from Freedom Fighters FC manager, Clifford King, the old Toledo Union Field, which has undergone major renovations, causing previous home games for the Freedom Fighters to be played elsewhere, will be opened under a new name this Sunday, October 9, when they host the visiting FC Belize in Week 9 of the Premier League of Belize Opening Season 2016-2017.

We asked Cliff about the reason for the name change and he promised to do some further research, but gave us this preliminary response:

“I only recall Victor Sanchez briefly in his playing days, but more so as coach and football enthusiast in PG. He was even one of the local referees at one point.

“But his big thing, as told by his football colleagues from the 70s and 80s, is that he was very instrumental and motivated to clean the area of land that was granted by the late Charles Westby, Sr., which became the Union Field. Accordingly, Vic, as he was affectionately known, spent hours, days and weeks cutting, clearing and cleaning to make the area usable for football. So, if it wasn’t because of his consistent, insistent and heroic efforts, perhaps we wouldn’t be where we are today.

“The group, of guys, who were the pioneers, is also seeking to name the Press Box in the stadium after Charles Westby, Sr., honoring his generosity to the people of PG.”

Much thanks for the insights brother Cliff. And our FC Belize team will no doubt be proud to be a part of history in helping to “christen” the newly renovated Victor Sanchez Union Field on Sunday in Punta Gorda, Toledo.

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