Letters — 19 April 2019
Tribute to Belizean legend, Dario Hernandez

Dear Editor,

April 21 will mark the first anniversary of the passing of a son of the soil, a Belizean legend, Dario Hernandez. He presented his Belizean meat pies to his fellow citizens back in the 1980’s and the rest is history.

On behalf of the program, “Belizean Musicians Past and Present,” which was founded in 1995 by Tony Wright and J.C. Arzu, I wrote this poem to give recognition to his sponsorship of the program, which continues today. A copy of the poem will be presented to Dario’s family.

One dozen from the specialist, Dario

by Alfonso C. Ramirez, Sr., J.P.

Thursday nights Belizeans are tuned in to KREM 96.5
Our proud artists are in the studio live
Performing from way back or right now present
“Thank you, Tony and JC”, people would comment
Name that tune and name that artist
Win one dozen from the meat pie specialist
Other prizes from faithful sponsors
Dario remains one of the program’s mentors
Born 1995 the program still going strong
Dario’s pies will continue as long
Mouthwatering delicious and no pie in the sky
The memory of his kindness will never die.

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