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Vista del Mar, Phase 1, needs help!

Dear Editor,
Vista Del Mar in Phase 1, not sure if this place is a forgotten part of Belize, from what I see, the people, residents, through no fault of their own, are suffering and reaping the consequences of the war between the Blue and the Red politics in Belize.

I have never seen a government and opposition so callous or hard, indifferent towards its people in this area. The so-called streets – very rudimentary, mud holes, Perez Road area near the canals as well, “bruk up”, you cannot walk or drive a car. The politicians do everything in their power to avoid this rural area.

They play the residents for fools; they say they cannot fix any streets or roads in this area because they say it’s private, even though these people vote in elections, even though people from all corners of this country go there to the seaside to picnic, swim in the sea, fish, and work.

These people pay their taxes too, have lives too, send their children to school too, want quality of life, too, like any other Belizean.

Why no one has compassion, I don’t know. I see lawyers, doctors, nurses, ordinary Belizeans who work hard for a living, middle income, low income, we all live in this community. I am strictly speaking about Phase 1, entering from the Northern Highway, the garbage dumping, these people need some form of relief.

I see Belize is developing infrastructure right around the periphery of Vista Del Mar Phase 1, but they will not touch Vista Del Mar for “nothing, Jack”. This is terrible and very inhumane.

Amandala, please help us get the word out; please assist to remind our government and its people that Belize is for all of us. Vista Del Mar is no distant land. It’s right within Belize, not far from the International Airport.

These people have a community organization, but they are paralyzed, seem unable to function. They try all kinds of fund raisers. They try to have a security where they come together to protect themselves from harm.

Government is so hard and unfeeling towards them. They talk to all area representatives in meetings, after meetings, nothing seems to reach the Office of the Prime Minister. It seems an old rivalry between the PUP and UDP surrounded this development with Javier “Berbey” Garcia, who died a long time ago, Mr. Price, who also died a long time ago and “Berbey” Garcia, Junior, who abandoned this place a long time ago.

The people need relief. Please assist.

Robert Lamb, Sr.

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