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Were the Waika kinda “dyslectic”, or did they want to mek belt?

The, ehm, story – might have been a fib — is that when a Waika man went to the store to buy shoes, and he saw the big size and the small size selling for the same price, he said, “to hell with the fit, give me the one with more leather…big joota, small joota, same price, gih mi the big one.”

There is always a lot of race talk in Belize, and when they come around for the census they’ll be asking us to identify our tribe. Most of us are mix-up, mix-up, so it’s almost never a straight Garifuna, Maya, East Indian, Kriol, Mestizo, Arabian, Chinese, European, whatever. Ah, when the census taker comes around, no one will declare for Waika, an African/Mayan mix that came here from Nicaragua. That’s because they disappeared, not off to another country or off the earth, but into the fabric.

One of my mentors told me that all this race talk will simmer soon because Belize is assimilation zone; you live here, your offspring will get mix-up with other tribes. The Garinagu seem to have given up on racial purity. They want all the other culture things intact in their villages, but dehn di assimilate. The Maya of Toledo West and the Mennonites, however, are putting up a fight to keep the culture pure from head to toe, but my mentor says they are going to—lose.

The other day I overheard my wife tell my six-year-old grandson, “Luk like you are out to do things bakway this morning, again.” Most times the boy reads from left to right, as he should, and sometimes, big joota lee joota, he reads from right to left, as he shouldn’t.

Hmm, every time I see or hear about anything near dyslectic, I say—Waika. Thank the gods there are no Waika here to accuse me of discrimination. What the hell, what were they doing with the extra leather off the shoes? Were they looking tu mek belt? Whoa, tek it easy, nayli aal a wi got lee Waika mix. That tribe, it was here from before the Battle.

The Mayo Clinic says, of this dyslexia, that it “is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading…” There’s no cure, but with a little help, children who suffer from it can succeed in school because they “have normal intelligence and usually have normal vision.”

Mayo says signs of dyslexia in young children include “late talking; learning new words slowly; problems forming words correctly, such as reversing sounds in words or confusing words that sound alike; problems remembering or naming letters, numbers and colors; difficulty learning nursery rhymes or playing rhyming games”. (They have a much longer list for older children and youth)

Hey, I know the cure for problems with forming words. You just have to have the child or youth practice Sally says…and Peter Piper…and ih gaan clear.

“Christianity” of White US Evangelicals being tested by color questions

My roving television eyes paused briefly to watch a college football game (US) on Saturday, and for some reason, when the camera spotted on the crowd, a sea of white people, it occurred to me that despite my not having any animosity toward white people for their wicked past, I would have been very uncomfortable there. The game must have been at some Midwest US state, because there’s where their white population vastly outnumbers people of color.

I’ve never visited the US, no offense to them that I never wanted to; I’ve never been any place where people who look like me were outnumbered. Even when I did a two-month stint with the Peace Corps, it never got to where white philistines outnumbered philistines with color more than two to one.

On Sunday I opened an email from one of my mentors – they insist on educating me, and I insist on sharing – and found this September 21 CounterPunch article, “The End of White Hegemony?” by a gentleman, David Rosen. Aha, white people in the US are on the way to being outnumbered, and some of them di kech big feelings! The story says the US Census Bureau “recently released the first-round of results from the 2020 census and its findings shocked many, especially older white, conservative Americans.”

In the story, Rosen said that William Frey of the Brookings Institute reported that “since the 1970s, white population growth has shown continued decline…all of the nation’s 2010-to-2020 growth is attributable to people of color—those identifying as Latino or Hispanic, Black, Asian American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Native American, and as two or more races…together, these groups now comprise more than 40% of the U.S. population….white Americans now comprise less than half of the nation’s under-age-18 population.”

The article goes pretty deep, and if you make the effort to read it you will find out more about prominent individuals the author believes are squirming over the changing race numbers. Ah, the majority of Trumpians in the US are having a fit!

“Misguided” foreign Wades

If you pay attention to foreign news coming out of the US you’ll have heard or read of the wisdom of the foreign Wades about sex things. The US news is like that; those bohgaz cover everything, from what’s going on in Afghanistan, what’s the latest on weather systems in their country, and what’s up in their sports, to which young movie girl is walking around without underclothes, that’s panty, and which Kyaroline or Jazafeen kech wahn young bwai.

Da soh dehn roll, and that’s how the foreign Wades, one who came to fame acting on television and one who came to fame playing basketball on television, could be about enlightening the world about sexual behavior. Bah, in America you get popular in movies, sports, or music, trivial enterprises, and everyone over there wants to hear what you have to say. They really take this “wisdom” from the mouths of babes too far.

You know that I am rarely about calling people “misguided”, but the foreign Wades blundered before, and having erred, one should be twice careful before they open their mouths again, so they don’t open up themselves to be called wanting in some cerebral or moral aspect.

This story I will complain about, it came out because of an ongoing high-profile divorce of the famous parents of the famous basketball Currys. According to this story on Sportsrush, by Samir Mehdi, Gabrielle Union (wife of basketballer Dwayne Wade) admits to having told Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry to break up in the earlier stage of their relationship. Union says she told the Currys that the likelihood of their relationship “working out is very low and you should just break up now and have sex with other people.” The story said Dwayne Wade would later apologize on behalf of the Wade family, because “that’s not who we are anymore.”

Wow! I think if these Americans are allowed to run their little minds, so can we. Would you be thinking right now that the older couple, the foreign Wades, was designing for some swapping?

Having messed up so badly back then, one would have expected this pair, the foreign Wades, to quit all sexual discussion, but no, a couple years ago an 11-year-old boy of theirs declared he was a girl, said he had known it since he was 3, and the foreign Wades rushed out to declare their support.

Absolute nonsense! All the sober medical literature says that some children are confused. Naturally, such ones need a little guidance until they are into their teens. Ouch, the foreign Wades were applauded by the powerful LGBT plus lobby over there, they who now are pushing for license to change the sex of babies at birth.

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