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What I wanted to tell coach Matthew

SportsWhat I wanted to tell coach Matthew

Photo: Matthew Smiling

by ChilorX

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. June 6, 2024

I wanted to tell them – but of course I didn’t have contact with Belize national U18 basketball team coach, Matthew Smiling and his coaching staff including Roscoe Rhys and Steven “Muerte” Williams – that I thought their strategy in the USA game was brilliant, and the record loss means nothing to me.

Three days straight of games at this competition level is extremely demanding on a team that already is not “deep” in size or strength or practice preparation, and it indeed was great strategy to give all our roster youth some “exposure” in the scramble, which might come in handy in the do-or-die quarterfinals.

It wouldn’t have been nice for home-team Argentina to go 0-3, and again we proved a few things in the first quarter. They had to earn that victory, despite the wide margin; they couldn’t take any chances with our boys going on a run, because we were proven dangerous. So, respect was due.

Well, we got a day’s rest. At least our floor leaders, Moseley and Langford will have more of their legs for longer in the game, and no need to save anything for tomorrow. We may not be ready yet to avenge our Centrobasket loss to Dominican Republic. But, who knows?

Whatever the outcome on Friday, we are super proud of you guys, all of you. Forget the losses; what we did to Brazil will remain a warning of what Belize can do in the future. And we will.

Le’s go, Belize!

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