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When pharmacists undermine doctors

Permit me, Editor Sir, to address the following concern, because I think that whatever is happening here is taking place throughout the country. I am long going through an experience which makes me think that the nation of Belize is already prepared to send back home the Cuban doctors. Because it seems as if our clinic pharmacists are more prepared than them. I am saying this because on several occasions I had to report to the high local level, about doctors prescribing medications and pharmacists taking other decisions about medical knowledge in illness. That?s like putting the horse on top of the rider.

For example, I was once given a prescription at the Corozal Community Clinic, which I took to the clinic pharmacy. All mediations were given to me except for one. This one was prescribed to me as to take one pill every 12 hours for 30 days. Only 10 pills were given to me, with no explanation. I first took the prescription to a friend at the highest level of the Ministry of Health to show him how the prescription-note was marked, indicating that all medications were given to me, which was the first lie.

I was advised to take it to the high local level. Which I did. They told me that at times they run out of medication; that is understandable. But the first thing the pharmacist as a ?good hearted team spirited worker? should do is to communicate direct to the corresponding doctor so that they can prescribe another medication so that the patient can either get it at the clinic pharmacy or buy it at a private one. The pharmacist (s) should also indicate to the patient in a respectful and courteous way.

If they can?t perform their work in a professional manner, then that is not their profession, and they should seek for a job that they can perform within their likeness.

If there is a clinic service supervisor, such person should be at the front, stationed in the clinic. A sign should be at the entrance of their office that says, ?Supervisor on duty? continuing below with ?All complaints are attended here?. This should be written in Spanish and English. That is, if the politicians care for the less fortunate ones.

Disgracefully, the less fortunate ones are the natives. Not the so-called investors and the wealthy ones who enjoy taking away from the poverty health programmes that are set up for the poor. Those are hyenas. Health services should be given to all, rich and poor, but a system should be set up where the rich should pay for it. I am sure that they will agree. What do you think?

On another occasion a prescription was given to another person. After unhumanly having this sick person (as the rest of them) standing for about an hour in a line, the pharmacist marked the prescription?note as if the three (3) medications were given, and with a movement of the hand indicated the patient to move. Only two medications were given, without any explanation.

The patient went back to the Cuban doctor. The Cuban doctor could not do anything. I took the patient to the high chief. The high chief went to the Cuban doctor and they had a fast meeting behind closed doors. After a few minutes the high chief went to the pharmacist with the same prescription, came back and gave the patient five (5) ?ASA 81mg? pills. The Cuban doctor thought that the patient needed such medication at that moment, but the pharmacist had another opinion.

Please ? Stop ? Taking ? Advantage ? of my people, the less protected ones.


(Signed) Clinton Uh Luna

Finca Solana

Corozal Town

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