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Zachary Knox allegedly beaten up by police

BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 30, 2016–Zachary Knox, 19, of Faber Road Extension, Belize City, who police say fired a number of shots at Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, Commander of Eastern Division, South, at about 9:00 Thursday night, May 12, was released from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he had been admitted and treated for injuries he says were sustained when he was beaten by police, who captured him while he was hiding in a house on Supaul Street.

Relatives of Knox who saw him in the hospital told the media that Knox had been severely beaten and had to be hospitalized for injury to his kidneys, and that he requires dialysis treatment. They also reported that some of his dreadlocks were also ripped from his head.

Knox’s mother told reporters that she would talk to the press after she had gotten all his medical reports.

It appears, however, that Knox was deemed well enough, to be taken to court on Friday on charges of aggravated assault upon ACP Williams and use of deadly means of harm upon Mark Vernon. He was then remanded to the Belize Central Prison, where his three alleged accomplices have likewise been remanded to prison.

ACP Williams reported that while driving on Youth for the Future Drive, he heard gunshots. He then received information that shots were being fired on Euphrates Avenue from a black Mazda pickup truck.

Anticipating that the vehicle involved would use Dolphin Street as an escape route, Williams said, he made his way unto Dolphin Street, and upon reaching the intersection with Raccoon Street, he spotted the vehicle fitting the description he had been given, making a turn from Raccoon Street unto Dolphin Street.

He followed the vehicle, which then sped off.

Williams said that he pursued the vehicle into Armadillo Street, then into an unknown street unto North Creek, reaching the “one-man- bridge” that links North Creek and South Creek. The vehicle then came to a stop and a man that ACP Williams identified as Zachary Knox, got out of the vehicle and fired 3 shots at Williams.

Knox, Williams said, then ran across the bridge and disappeared into Supaul Street.

The vehicle then sped off into Central American Boulevard, where it was intercepted by police at the intersection with Fabers Road. Inside the vehicle were the driver, Larry Wright, 44, of Jane Usher Boulevard; Justin Hyde, 21, of Curl Thompson Street; and Devon Sankey, 23, of Unity Street, Belize City.

Police said that after arresting the men in the vehicle, they went on the hunt for Knox, and he was found in the area.

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