General — 10 July 2015 — by Albert J. Ciego
19 illegal Cubans busted in Orange Walk Town

ORANGE WALK TOWN, Tues. July 7, 2015–A total of nineteen Cubans who were found on Friday illegally in the country, in Orange Walk Town, are now at the Belize Central Prison serving a 6-month jail sentence after they appeared in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

They were fined $1,005 each for illegal entry, brought against them by the Orange Walk Immigration Department, and they will be deported back to their country when they are released from prison, or after serving the jail sentences.

Police on patrol near the Orange Walk bypass, at about 6:00 Friday morning, found 6 Cubans hiding in the bushes, and when a security check was made on them, they could not produce their immigration documents. They were all arrested and charged with illegal entry into Belize, and were taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate Court that same Friday morning.

Later that same Friday, at about 11:30 in the morning, Orange Walk police and Immigration officers, went to the bus stop in Orange Walk Town, where they saw 13 more Cubans onboard a bus that was heading to Corozal Town.

When the Cubans were taken off the bus and checked, police again found that they did not have proper documents. They were all taken to the Orange Walk Police Station, where they were charged with illegal entry.

In court, they were all fined $1,005 each, to be paid immediately, and in default of payment they would spend 6 months in jail, after which they will be deported back to their country. The persons were not able to pay the fine and so were taken to prison to begin their jail sentences.

CTV 3 Belize reported that the 13 Cubans are: Profesor Eduardo Rodriguez, 26, a technician; Dilio Ochoa, 27, a construction worker; Geovannie Sanchez Obedo, 22, a baker; Yanzel Perrera, 22, a teacher; Erosuel Perrera, 28, a housewife; Yarisleidy Vega, 27, a driver; Jorge Manuel Aries Guevarra, 28, a security guard; Jordan Ramos, 30, a fisherman; Jorge Rodriguez Moralez, 43, a construction worker; Marco Antonio Biltre, 43, a pharmacist; Eliel Espinoza Reyes, 33, occupation unknown; and a fisherman, Darrel Diaz Torres, 22.

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