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Home Headline 2 minors, 17, shot in botched armed robbery

2 minors, 17, shot in botched armed robbery

BELIZE CITY–Two of four robbers are recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after they tried to rob the Western Dairies Ice Cream Parlor on Freetown Road at about 4:30 Friday afternoon and were shot by an alert employee.

Another minor, also 17, was later caught by police, who are looking for a 4th accomplice

Unofficial reports to Amandala are that at about 4:30 Friday afternoon, two delivery trucks of Western Dairies drove into the compound after making deliveries, and four men riding on separate bicycles rode into the yard at the rear of the ice cream parlor, jumped off their bicycles and two of them pointed guns at the workers as they were about to reload the trucks.

The gunmen ordered the employees to lie on the ground and announced that “this da wah robbery!”

One of the employees ran to the office, raising the alarm, and that was when another brave employee came out of the company’s office and went to the door.
He saw the thieves and immediately began firing at them while walking out of the building to confront them.

The thieves were not prepared for the offensive fire and tried to run back out of the yard, but two of the bandits fell in the yard after they were hit.

One of them got up, however, and ran to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where police found him.

The employee continued to confront the remaining thieves, but the other two escaped on foot, abandoning their bicycles.

Police who were on patrol in the area responded quickly. They searched the area and saw one of the robbers. They pursued him, but he managed to escape. He was captured shortly after, however, in the King’s Park area. He is also a minor, 17.

Two of the thieves who were hit are both 17, said police, who added that one was hit in the chest and the upper shoulder, and the other was hit in the back.

The thief who was hit in the back got up and ran to the KHMH, where police found him, while the other thief, who was on the ground, was rushed to the KHMH Emergency Room, where he was stabilized. Both thieves were listed as being in a serious but stable condition, and were put under police guard.

Police, who processed the scene, retrieved seven 9mm S&B brand expended shells, two .25 FC Brand live rounds, one .25 pistol and a slug, and four bicycles .

Information to us this evening is that one of the thieves was released from the KHMH this afternoon and taken into police custody. The second thief remains in the hospital, where he is recovering. He will also be taken into custody when he is released from the hospital.

Two of the thieves will now be arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for the attempted holdup of Western Dairies.

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