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2012 Lionman Triathlon Champions

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 6, 2012

Some 31 determined athletes, male and female, took up the challenge to endure the grueling 1500-meter Swim, 40-kilometer Ride and 10-kilometer Run of the Lionman 2012 Triathlon, which started and finished at the Sandlighters Promenade on Sunday morning, September 2.

Top individual finisher in this year’s event was Roger Troyer in an overall time of 2:23:46; 2nd was Kenroy “Smokes” Gladden, 2:26:05; 3rd Jim Scott, 2:28:11; 4th Shane Vasquez, 2:29:49; 5th Shalini Zabaneh, 2:32:25; 6th Kent Gabourel, Jr., 2:35:16; 7th Jason Puerto, 2:38:33; 8th Luigi Urbina, 2:39:00; 9th David Pollard, 2:39:05; 10th Karl Borland, 2:39:10; 11th Rigoberto Rivas, 2:39:33; 12th Dwight Alford, 2:43:09; 13th Kenrick Duncan, 2:43:14; 14th Eric Donis, 2:43:59; 15th Anthony Leslie, 2:48:01; 16th Glen Jones, 2:48:21; 17th Simeon Gladden, 2:52:44; 18th Allan Moore, 2:54:25; 19th Hao Cheng Lee, 2:57:30; 20th Kerah Eiley, 2:57:52; 21st Kaya Cattouse, 3:01:02; 22nd Grason Granados, 3:03:13; 23rd Andrew Moody, 3:06:29; 24th Richard Vanderhorst, 3:09:28; 25th Leon Guild, 3:11:14; 26th Richard Santiago, 3:13:21; 27th Jason Badillo, 3:17:44; 28th Enrique Cal, 3:35:02; 29th Allan Genus, 3:46:30; 30th Lennox Myvett, 4:12:19; and 31st Edward Williams, 4:13:51.

According to the different categories, prizes and medals were awarded to the top finishers for MALE: 1st Roger Troyer, 2nd Kenroy Gladden, and 3rd Shane Vasquez; FEMALE: 1st Shalini Zabaneh, 2nd Kerah Eiley, and 3rd Kaya Cattouse; MASTERS: 1st Jim Scott, 2nd Jason Puerto, and 3rd Glen Jones; and JUNIOR: 1st Eric Donis, 2nd Richard Santiago.

In the TEAMS category there were 11 teams participating, where one teammate first did the swimming, then one did the riding, and the other the running. 1st place was taken by Western Spirits (Shalini Zabaneh – swim, Liam Stewart – ride, Joseph Waight – run) in 2:15:40; 2nd was Healthy Reefs (Melanie McField, Ron McKenzie, Louis Haulze) in 2:18:34; 3rd was Team Sharks (Eric Donis, Patricia Chavarria, Daniel Gregorio) in 2:22:00; 4th Team Wolves (Karl Borland, Giovanni Lovell, Kaina Martinez) in 2:25:05; 5th Team Smokes (Kenroy “Smokes” Gladden, Byron Pope, Ashanti Carr) in 2:28:15; 6th Team Logon (Dwight Alford, Gregory Lovell, Gina Lovell) in 2:31:30; 7th C-Ray Bad Intentions (Kaya Cattouse, Brandon Morgan, Rondre Lewis) in 2:34:45; 8th Western Texas (Jose Choto, Angel Tzib, Jessica Briesaker) in 2:39:33; 9th Martial Arts Academy (Raul Ordonez, Anne Sterling, Sherman Card) in 3:16:42; 10th Team Spirit (Roger Garbutt, Juan Card, Denise Diaz) in 3:25:40; and 11th Wait For It (Jonathan Schulz, Ellen McKamey, Julianne Bynak) in 3:45:00.

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