Headline — 30 January 2016
27-year-old Skeleton Town man shot to death

COROZAL TOWN, Wed. Jan. 27, 2016–A Corozal Town resident, Paul Massam, 27, who lives in Skeleton Town, was shot multiple times as he stepped out of his house, and was declared dead on arrival at the Corozal Town Hospital.

Police said that Massam was shot three times — twice in his head and once in his palm.

The incident occurred at about 8:30 this morning. Massam was walking out of his house into his yard when a lone gunman walked into the yard and shot him. The gunman then escaped in a car that was waiting for him on a street not far from the victim’s house

Police are looking for three individuals who they believe can help them with the investigation.

Inspector Dennis Serano, Deputy Commander of the Corozal Police, reported that Massam, who was well known to police, was apparently trying to make changes and leave behind a life of crime, since for over a year he had not been charged for any offence. The motive for his murder, however, is not yet known.

(Photo: CTV 3)

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