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4-year-old boy shot in the head on Nurse Findley Crescent

Uncle, 27, also shot; but Treshaw Goff passed away

BELIZE CITY, Mon. March 5, 2018– Despite the fact that children were playing on the road of Nurse Findley Crescent, in front of the Abraham family’s house in Port Loyola at about 8:00 tonight, a brazen gunman drove up in a car from the direction of Fabers Road near Excelsior High School, into Nurse Findley Crescent, and after bringing the vehicle to a halt, came out firing.

Ian Abraham, Jr., 27, a mechanic who was repairing his car in front of the house, was hit in the abdomen. There was confusion as the children and family members scattered for cover to escape the gunfire. The gunman then drove out of the area at high speed.

One of the gunman’s bullets, however, had also hit a child, Treshawn Goff, 4, Ian’s nephew, in the head. Both Ian and Treshawn were rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they were both admitted in a critical condition.

The young Goff was taken for a CATSCAN so that the extent of the damage caused by the bullet in his head could be determined, and his family is now awaiting the results of that exam and praying for the best for their two family members.

One of Ian’s uncles told us that he has been living on Nurse Findley Cresent for the past 30 years, and this is the first time that shots have been fired in front of his house, and that members of his family have been shot.

Another uncle of Ian told us that he was upstairs when he heard what sounded like “popshots,” causing him to look out to see what was happening. He then realized that gunshots were being fired and that his son, 18, was downstairs. That was when a child ran up and held him, and the car sped away.

He said that there was confusion and in the shadow of the car, he saw a little boy curled up, lying on the ground, and they quickly held him and saw that it was Treshawn.

The uncle surmised that the shooting happened so quickly that a bullet skidded off the bonnet of the car and hit the boy in the head.

The uncle strongly believes that Ian was not the target. He stated that Ian was not involved in gang activity, nor was he a violent person. Ian was in fact working with Tropic Air, so they are at a loss regarding the reason for the brazen attack, he said.

One of Ian’s uncles said that his car, which was also parked on the road in front of the house, was damaged, and we saw a relative washing blood off the concrete road, which came from little Treshawn, a victim of the ongoing, senseless gun violence being perpetuated in the city by cold-hearted criminals.

As at press time tonight, no one has been arrested for the shooting.

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