Letters — 25 June 2016
Not only academics, but creativity

Life’s happiness lies in nothing but in love.
Where do you go to express yourself?
Somewhere near the sun, far in the distance.
Fading away all our lives, doesn’t it sound so sad?

Dear Editor,

Today I must express and share with you this thought. Many do not like school, many are little engaged and others like it more than home. Life out in the streets is not always welcoming, sure that you wish school could be the one place where you could express yourself.

I had been helping a teacher at Benque Viejo del Carmen and here I discovered that taking the beautiful job of being a teacher is never easy. Being a teacher should be the most wonderful job someone could have.

This is our land, this is our fight, this is our tomorrow, and this is where we grow. Students at school are to be taught to be bright not only academically but emotionally. One span of my life, I attended primary school, and expression of oneself was slowly fading away. Being a teacher is not easy and neither is being a student.

Education means, not only making money, it means having a mind in where to think logically; hence see the bigger picture. Life requires mathematics and so does it require a melody.

Arts and music doesn’t mean life will never be great. It just means one day you will see that life is a melody that you play, not with talent, but courage. Education should be given a brighter future not only through academics, but through creativity.


Mariani Penados,
Maya Street, San Jose Succotz,
Cayo District

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