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Accused killer on remand gets 7-year jail sentence on other charges

BELIZE CITY, Fri. Nov. 27, 2015–Ibrahim Smith, 19, of Mopan Street, Belize City, who is presently on remand at the Belize Central Prison for the murder of William Felix Francis, 22, of Administration Drive, Belize City, has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for using a stolen gun used to cause the death of high school student Shenelle Reyes, 17, in her home in the Back-a-town area of the city on the night of November 10, 2010.

With regard to the death of Reyes, Smith was charged in the Belize City Magistrate’s court on Thursday with possession of a prohibited firearm and handling stolen goods. He was given a 5-year sentence for the charge of keeping a prohibited firearm, and a two-year sentence for the charge of handling stolen goods. Smith was returned to prison, where he awaits trial for the murder of William Felix Francis, and the manslaughter death of Shenelle Reyes.

Reyes, a student of Sadie Vernon High School, was shot in the chest with a shotgun while in Smith’s company. The death was ruled accidental, and he was charged with manslaughter and was given bail.

Witnesses told police that Smith went to Shenelle Reyes’ house with a sawed-off shotgun, which he pointed at the student, and, the witnesses said, he began to play with the trigger, despite her telling him not to play in such a manner, and the gun discharged into her chest, killing her almost immediately.


A neighbor who heard the shotgun blast told police that he saw a man run out of the house and hide a shotgun in some bushes by the house.

Police recovered the gun, a 16-gauge shotgun, and found that it had been altered. The butt and barrel had been sawed off. The gun was reported stolen two months ago by the owner, Steven Young,

A police investigation led to Smith, who was arrested and charged with the offenses.

Reyes’ family told Amandala that Reyes and her cousin were doing homework that Tuesday night in the upper flat of their house when Smith, who was a regular visitor to the house, came in with the firearm and began to play with the gun, despite her objection. The weapon then discharged.

Because the shooting was deemed accidental, Smith was charged with manslaughter and bail was granted.

Police said that while he was on bail for this offense, he was accused of being the killer who on November, 24, 2012 went to the home of William Felix Francis, on Administration Drive, Belize City and shot him 8 times in various parts of the body, causing him to die immediately.

Smith was arrested and charged for Francis’ murder on December, 24, 2012.

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