Letters — 21 October 2014
Act as one race – the human race

Dear Editor,

I would like to argue that the spread of Ebola and other diseases is a predictable and logical consequence of globalization and an increasing world population, which is about 7.3 billion.

Never before in human history have there been so many people on the planet, and never before has there been so much traveling from country to country, sometimes faster than the speed of sound. Usually, no organism can have a large growth in population and not experience an increase in diseases and other social challenges.

The world is acting like teenagers who want to have intercourse but ignore the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The fact is that the world population has increased, and we are communicating and interacting with each other, which is a desirable phenomenon; however, it will have drawbacks also. We need to prepare for them by sharing medical skills and resources, and taking a threat to one country as a threat to all, because a disease can easily spread.

I believe that Ebola was taken lightly because it was only affecting African countries. The rich and powerful countries did not do enough research into the disease because it was not a priority; it did not affect them. I am positive that they will research assiduously now, but it is like locking the gate after the horse has escaped. I hope the global community learns from this episode and don’t take a disease “lightly” just because it does not affect them directly. The modern world demands that we act as one race – the human race.

Yours truly,

Brian Plummer

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