Letters — 12 June 2015
He has acted like a child …

Dear Editor,

All right thinking Belizeans were surely stunned to hear the words of Hon. Patrick Faber on Sunday, boasting how he used Petrocaribe money. It is difficult to find the right words to express any reaction to what was said or done.

Was this how Hugo Chavez meant his generous loan to be used? He must be turning in his grave. He had hoped to provide the means whereby people in the Caribbean could begin to rise above the position they were left in by the slavemasters. Hugo Chavez was a great man who died far too soon and will be remembered for his dedication to improving the lot of the dispossessed.

What has Patrick Faber done? He has shown that he is a true product of what those slave masters would have predicted, that given a little education and power, the natives would act like children because that is what they are. How CAN an Education Minister sink so low?

So many children cannot attend school because their parents have no money and he throws money away on tacos and pibil. He has acted like a child. Responsibility and working for the betterment of the people did not enter his head; he wanted to play and then boast about it.

I’m sorry, Patrick, I admired you when you started out as Education Minister, I really thought you would do something about the education system, but you were scared off far too easily. You wanted power and what have you done with it??

Sally Caretella,

Esperanza Village

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