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Ahmad family member discloses threatening texts

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Jan. 4, 2018– In the wake of the shocking murder of the popular barber, Fareed Ahmad, late last month, members of his family have come forward to inform the media that they believe that they are still under police surveillance, and one particular family member has provided screenshots of threatening text messages he said he received.

Yesterday, Abdul Ahmad told the media that he had an experience which confirmed he was being subject to police surveillance.

Ahmad explained that sometime near 2:00 p.m., he left the barber shop to run some errands and to pay some bills.

“…coming down Bel-China Bridge, right at the corner, coming down that bridge and North Front Street, I saw this white-in-color pickup which resembles that of a Toyota Hilux, very close to the rear end of my vehicle. So I drove off on Douglas Jones Street—and this vehicle—I stopped at the corners of Cran Street and Douglas Jones Street, at the middle of that road, to make way for the vehicle that was behind my vehicle, whether it wanted to go left or right, you know.  That vehicle remained directly behind my vehicle, so I quickly turned into Cran Street and that vehicle followed me and I sped off a bit,” he recounted.

Ahmad continued, adding, “I drove down that street very quickly, and this vehicle followed me.”

“I made a right in the direction of Freetown Road and I observed this grey-in-color SUV swerve in front of my vehicle, from the direction of Stationery House…,” he went on to say.

Ahmad said he had no knowledge about this last vehicle, which had not even been in his range of sight.

“It swerved in front of my vehicle, and the driver signaled for me to stop, you know. I mean, the way how it was all playing out, obviously in fear of my life there is no way I would stop at that specific location, especially the way how things were playing out at the time,” Ahmad said.

“So I raced towards Freetown and I went to Freetown Gas Station—I raced my way there and with both vehicles following me I made my way in front of the gas station store, and then quickly made my way into that store. Couple minutes after, maybe two or three minutes after that incident, a blue police pickup truck came into that compound, where it parked on the opposite side, by the tire pump, and one of [them], an individual from the police mobile, exited the backseat of that truck and it appeared from where I was that he was putting in gas. But just about when he was about to go back inside that vehicle, another member, who was inside the backseat, took a photo of the vehicle I was in, or it appeared that it was a photo, because I saw the flash,” said Ahmad.

As proof that his life is under threat, Ahmad provided a screenshot of some of the threatening text messages that he has been receiving, purportedly from the Special Assignment Team of the Belize Police Department.

Amandala attempted to speak to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, this morning, but Williams suggested that we ask our questions at the police press conference.

At the police press conference, however, we were told that Williams is the investigator in the Ahmad matter, and no one else in the police department is authorized to speak on it. Williams was not at the police press conference this morning.

Ahmad received a text on Saturday, December 30, two days after his brother, Fareed, was murdered. The text came from number 633-8021 at 8:59, and it said: “Listen bro stop the get jumpy. Fareed don dead already and wah dead man can’t tell no tales. Make sure you keep you f——— mouth shut and stop the act jumpy like wah lee punk. The boss done handle yo alrady suh stick to your part and stop di call up anybody from di crew. You done set suh chill out caz if you do r— you wah end up di same way as Fareed. Just relax breds and wait until the boss contact you. Next thing mek sure you keep a close eye on the next f——— breda Fisal and the reest on da list weh i send you. Nuff case deh fu mek ya if you plat this out right. Just stick with every move until di time is right and when we will say hell, to his allah soon.”

The text continued, “You know the protocol bro nuh text back just listen and comply. Fareed sister might be a problem as well. Suh we might have to take her out faster than we originally planned. Suh be on standby for a text from you the boss. And stop the trip bout Chester because his investigation report no play no role. We are untouchable, nuh forget who da di boss. Oh by the way mek sure you get rid of the hit list caz we don’t want anybody see that or know about that. And nuh worry about Michelle cas if da lee she the wrong thing, well you done know di wah come up dead and people wah think dat Fareed family kill she.”

“Mek sure you delete all messages weh you di get from me or any member of the team,” the message said at the end.

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